Benefits of EFT

EFT tapping is a simple self help acupressure stress buster that is unique and typically works fast to relieve emotional and physical issues, clear trauma and change beliefs. Reducing stress, suffering and limitations. Often providing amazing results. Gentle, non invasive and quick. The basic repeatable EFT process takes about 30 seconds. Even children and pets can feel better after tapping.

It also has uses for lay people who wish to excel in sporting or business as it can help to remove barriers to success in any activity. It is used worldwide by millions of lay people as well as professionals in healthcare, education, business and sports.

Providing Physical Relief, Emotional Healing & Trauma Clearing as well as assisting in Performance Issues experienced by top athletes and business owners.

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Welcome to the website. Please read this disclaimer before exploring this site further.

EFT does not cure any condition or diagnose.  It aims to simply relieve stress around conditions to support improvement.

While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage, and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it.  There is no guarantee that you will get results equivalent to cases presented here.  

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Physical Relief

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New scientific understandings about the connections between emotional and physical problems are borne out in experience by EFT tappers. Once you have reduced or removed relevant emotional stresses, your body can often rebalance itself and accelerate physical healing.

People have experienced relief from back pain, arthritic pain, knee pain, body pain, neck pain, soreness, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, infertility, physical health, sleep issues, weight loss, wellness are all physical issues that may be improved by the application of EFT techniques. A quick and painless way to help your body heal.

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Emotional Healing 

Relieve the many varieties of stress: anxieties, fears and phobias, chronic pain, relationship problems, anger, depression, grief and loss, illness stress, overwhelm, negative thinking, fears of failure or success. Provides coaching for those wishing for improved business, stage or sports performance – including exam nerves, fear of public speaking or of flying. 

Relieves cravings (re weight loss), childhood memories, abuse, trauma, bereavement, clutter, procrastination, family dynamics difficulties, reading difficulties, artist’s or writer’s block, limiting beliefs.  Promotes self confidence, forgiveness, relaxation, well being, excitement in living, success...and more.

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Trauma clearing 

EFT is fast becoming a leading-edge technique with healthcare practitioners for safe and fast trauma clearing. Clearing old traumas gently, cleanly and thoroughly in one or two sessions, sometimes less. Driving problems, holdup trauma, PTSD, domestic violence.

Thousands of U.S. war veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder now no longer qualify for PTSD after a short course with EFT practitioners. Read the many case studies we have from those who have experienced remarkable results, often in very few sessions.

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Train in EFT

Would you like to learn this amazing technique so that you can join the fast growing holistic health industry?

Are you already providing holistic health and wellness services and like to expand your client base?

Learn EFT from an internationally accredited and certified EFT Tapping Coach and Master Trainer.

Annie also offers small classes on various topics and sessions for special interest groups keen to learn more. 

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"Help! I Need a Miracle!”  

Just for you, if you are a busy person in a hurry for more success!

These exciting VIP Day Intensive events are private 1-to-1 online one day sessions with Annie. Customised to achieve accelerated long lasting, meaningful change on one life problem.  Just show up on Skype — with an open mind — and leave the rest to Annie.

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Our VIP Day Intensive packs months of therapeutic coaching into 6 hours online (lots of breaks!).  Annie brings her skills and knowledge from 30 years as a transformation coach skilled in tapping techniques.  You will be gently dissolving old blocks and stresses that have been sabotaging you, learn simple stress management skills to support and enhance your health and daily well being in the future. 

This program includes relevant handouts, and a 30-minute followup session one week after your VIP Day Intensive. The often surprising effects of this transformational work will  continue to sparkle up your life, long after this day has ended!  You will wonder why you waited.

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Deb Richardson

Virtual Assistant

‘I am amazed at what happened on Sunday at Annie’s Chronic Pain Relief Support Group, totally blown away by it all and so happy with the results.  I highly recommend tapping after the profound results I had.  I will be doing Annie’s Breakthrough Package.  And I now have the tools to help my 20-year-old son.’


Adrienne Brooks


'Tapping is amazing in its ability to make visible change – and you are a master!  I am resolving things that I have worked on for so many years with other personal growth techniques that seemed to work but never made any lasting change – and the issue kept coming back.  Doing tapping with you, I feel I have shifted the things that I had been working on for years and finally managed to get underneath them to the real problem'

Virginia Sarah

Preschool Teacher

’EFT is having a profound effect on my life.  After a short period of training I am able to practise the tapping on my own.  I have chosen to have a series of sessions with Annie to help shift some deep emotional patterns causing problems in managing relationships and money.  The sessions are rapidly and permanently healing unresolved trauma.  Patterns that have been held for generations in our family are being cleared with Matrix Reimprinting.  After just these few sessions I have noticed unhealthy patterns of behaviour ending, and new possibiliities and opportunities entering my life.  I am grateful to EFT founder Gary Craig, and also for the guidance and expertise of Annie.’

Anna Edwards

'After our session the pain in my back has almost completely disappeared! I believe that the pain is connected to my sister, as we discussed this morning. I feel that I have released the guilt and healing has taken over.' 

Work with a Master Practitioner and Trainer


Annie is an internationally accredited certified EFT Tapping Coach, Master Trainer & Author.  

She can teach you this amazing tapping technique so that you can use it at home to help yourself,  family, friends and neighbors  (including your pets),  or you can work with Annie to become a certified EFT practitioner with AAMET International–approved EFT tapping training.

A number of options are available:


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Michelle Tsutsulis

WCCSA Team Leader, Stepney Women's Community Centre

Annie is a great communicator who delivers programs that can be applied to all aspects of life, in self healing and stress management. Our participants’ overall comment regarding Annie’s courses at our Centre is “Please do more!” Great work, Annie.” 


The mission of my practice is to support people to discover a whole new experience of  living:  how to release yourself from suffering and limitation —  and so, how to expand your own potentials as a radiating source of joy and marvels — by using new science-based information on managing your own subtle energy system. This opens practical new pathways of consciousness,  transforming pain, despair and fear towards the frequency of love.   This work is with individuals and groups, for the faster evolution of healing and consciousness, demonstrating that ‘the flow of energy that accompanies healing is a connection to spirit.’

International Qualifications

  • AAMET International Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer & Advanced Practitioner (UK)
  • EFTU Intermediate certified EFT Practitioner-1 (USA)
  • Matrix Reimprinting certified Practitioner (UK, Australia)   
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