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Sessions of EFT tapping and Matrix Reimprinting with Annie are available Australia-wide and worldwide via Skype or phone.

Face to Face sessions in person with Annie are available in Adelaide, South Australia.

Your choices:

  • 1 or more private sessions
  • Freedom Breakthrough Package of 5 sessions of 1 hr or 90 minutes
  • VIP Day Intensive just for you!

Not sure which is the most appropriate.

You are welcome to book a free 15-minute consultation first, by Skype or phone, to discuss what you want to achieve.  Book Now  

Single Sessions

1-hour session $AUD 120   Buy Now   

1-hour session - Concession card holders only $AUD 90 Buy Now  

90-minute session  $AUD 180 Buy Now  

90 Minute session - Concession card holders only $AUD 150 Buy Now  

2 hour session  $AUD 220 Buy Now  

2 hour session - Concession card holders only $AUD 180 Buy Now  

Deb Richardson

Virtual Assistant

‘I am amazed at what happened on Sunday at Annie’s Chronic Pain Relief Support Group, totally blown away by it all and so happy with the results.  I highly recommend tapping after the profound results I had.  I will be doing Annie’s Breakthrough Package.  And I now have the tools to help my 20-year-old son.’

Chronic Pain Relief Support Group

Do you have chronic pain and are wondering if EFT can help?
Join us at the Chronic Pain Relief Support Group.
At these small EFT groups several people have lost their chronic pain and importantly they learn what to do if it returns.
Held every second Sunday of the month.

Admission $40,  and includes take-home information on how to tap for pain yourself with this acupressure method.

No  previous tapping experience is necessary.

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Christine Martin



EFT is helping more than I imagined possible.  I love EFT and tapping.’


Virginia Sarah

Preschool Teacher


"EFT is having a profound effect on my life.  After a short period of training I am able to practise the tapping on my own.  I have chosen to have a series of sessions with Annie to help shift some deep emotional patterns causing problems in managing relationships and money.  The sessions are rapidly and permanently healing unresolved trauma.  Patterns that have been held for generations in our family are being cleared with Matrix Reimprinting.  After just these few sessions I have noticed unhealthy patterns of behaviour ending, and new possibiliities and opportunities entering my life.  I am grateful to EFT founder Gary Craig, and also for the guidance and expertise of Annie."



Tina Gibson


‘This turned out to be one of the kindest things I have done for my well-being. If  I had just booked one or two sessions I may not have got to the heart of so many things.’  3 months later: ‘After the wonderful sessions we had together, I have still not had the nightmare that had plagued me every few days over four years.  I know that you understand how big this change in my life is.  Heartfelt thanks, I have recommended you to several other people.’


Nerrelle Goad


’Initially I said, this is too good to be true.  But I have had very big changes through tapping.   And it has given me a toolbelt to draw on for my mental, emotional and physical health.’


Freedom Breakthrough Transformation Package (Save $50)

What are your current problems costing you?  In relationships, health, career, peace of mind —  money?  How would your life be without them?

You are welcome to book a free 15-minute consultation first, by Skype or phone, to discuss what you want to achieve.

These short packages are tremendous value for the transformation they can enable you to achieve. These prices are available only for a limited time, so don't wait, try it!
You’ll find that the effect of a short, deep focus of tapping sessions with an experienced EFT practitioner can lessen or  neutralise a life issue – or two.     A short burst of sustained inner work with this accelerated healing aid  typically results in important personal shifts that are permanent and life-changing.
  •  Freedom Breakthrough Package  1.  5 x 1 hour sessions with mentoring : cost $AUD 550  ( Save $50)   Buy Now  
  •  Freedom Breakthrough Package 2.  5 x 90-minute sessions with mentoring : cost $AUD 850 (Save $50) Buy Now  

Packages are prepaid and must be used within two months.

VIP Day Intensive Program

’Help!  I Need a Miracle!”  – just for you, if you’re a busy person in a hurry for more success!

These exciting events are private 1-to-1 days online with Annie, customised  to achieve accelerated meaningful change on one life problem of yours, for long-lasting results.  Just show up on Skype — with an open mind — and leave the rest to Annie.

A VIP Day Intensive packs months of therapeutic coaching into 6 hours online (lots of breaks!).  Annie brings her skills and knowledge from 30 years as a transformation coach.  You will mainly be using tapping techniques.  As well as gently dissolving old blocks and stresses that have been sabotaging you, you’ll learn simple stress management skills to support and enhance your health and daily wellbeing in the future.

This program includes relevant handouts, and a 30-minute followup session one week after your VIP Day Intensive.

The often surprising effects of this transformational work will  continue to sparkle up your life, long after this day has ended!  You’ll wonder why you waited.

Please contact for more details, and for an application form to assess whether there’s a good fit for this intensive work. This will save time for when you book your free 15-minute strategy session with Annie, prior to booking in for your Big Day program.

Your  financial investment in the rest of your life, for your  VIP Day Intensive, prepaid is $997

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