A new study reported in the peer-reviewed British Medical Journal found that even low-level anxiety can shorten your life. If you can find a way to lower your anxiety and depression levels, starting now, you are likely to live longer, perhaps 20% longer – and this is where Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) comes in.

— Research published in another peer-reviewed journal, Integrative Medicine, shows that attending an EFT workshop lowers psychological distress by an average of 45%.
— Yet another study shows that just one hour of EFT tapping with an experienced EFT practitioner lowers the level of an individual’s major stress hormone, cortisol, by 24%.
— And Harvard Medical School research has found that tapping on the body’s meridian energy points (acupressure, which EFT uses) calms the amygdala part of the brain, a centre of hyperarousal in the fight-flight-freeze response to danger. Because humans can trigger this arousal just by thinking, or worrying, many people live permanently in this heightened stress state. No wonder the body breaks down, which works against any ambition to live longer.

Even low anxiety levels heighten the risk of death
EFT advocate Dawson Church PhD states on the major website, www.eftuniverse.com, that this study reveals that even very low levels of anxiety and depression can heighten the risk of death.

He says, ‘While previous research made the link between high levels of psychological distress and death, this study is startling in its findings that even low-level distress places us at risk.’

He continues, ‘The investigators found that, over a 10-year period, people with slight distress, enough to prevent them from sleeping sometimes, or concentrating on tasks, had about a 20% greater chance of death. The correlation held true even after the researchers adjusted for other risk factors, such as exercise, overweight, drinking to excess, and smoking.

‘They also excluded people who died in the first five years after data were collected, in order to answer the “chicken and egg” question: “Do we become depressed and anxious because we’re sick, or does psychological distress contribute to premature death?”

The study examined the medical records of 68,000 people, Dr. Church reports. Primary causes of death were heart disease, stroke and cancer. The message is that emotional stress is a most significant factor in these illnesses.

A remedy?
If you choose to learn a little EFT so you can tap away stress both as it arises and as it has accumulated sneakily throughout your life, you could be insuring your future.

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