Angry words?  Heart risk factors make EFT tapping attractive

Words said (or shouted) in anger can hurt your arteries as well as your feelings, say University of Utah researchers targeting anger issues in couples relationships.

Researchers  videotaped 150 married couples in 6-minute conversations about money, in-laws and other stressful topics.  Read more

Mind Reading Robotic Arm for Paralysed Woman

Yes, the disabled can IMAGINE tapping for inner peace!

For 14 years,  Kathy Hutchinson had been unable to do anything for herself, since a stroke.  Now, thanks to science, she is pioneering a new robotic aid.

When she sits staring at a bottled drink with a straw, imagining a robot arm seizing the bottle and conveying it to her mouth — the robot does her bidding! 

  Read more

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