Self Defeating Beliefs Vanish Fast with EFT Tapping

Enjoy the new you in action!

‘You are not controlled by your genes, you are controlled by your beliefs,’ says a pioneer of the new biology, Dr. Bruce Lipton.  And, if you don’t like what you believe, you can probably change it easily, through the acupressure technique called EFT tapping.

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New Research on Trauma Based Diabetes and Chronic Pain

Leads to new hope through EFT tapping

Our brain’s ‘fight-or-flight’ response to severe danger is common knowledge – but new brain research is highlighting our little-known third danger response:  the ‘freeze’ response. This research is opening new possibilities for dealing with ‘diseases of stress’ such as chronic pain, obesity and diabetes.

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A Science tick — EFT tapping for depression


Could a person tap on his or her body and lose depression?  Impossible?  A recent Australian university study demonstrated that the acupressure method called  EFT tapping is definitely an option for banishing depression.

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