How does EFT tapping rewire your brain?

Did you know you can evolve — or rewire — your brain ON PURPOSE?  If you think your life experience needs improvement, explore Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping).

Modern research shows that your thoughts, feelings and experiences (real or imagined) are constantly rewiring your brain anyway.  Read more

‘He broke my heart’ – EFT tapping and relationships stresses

Jenny had become deeply involved with a new lover, but after two months he had inexplicably dropped her.  She was shattered.

She spent the next two months suffering emotional pain, which interfered with her professional work, before she turned to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) for help.  Read more

Like to eliminate a craving? EFT tapping shows you how

girl eating cake yes

Want to eliminate a craving? Chocolate? Cakes? Sweets?  Coke?  An EFT trainee with a 4-litre-a-day Coke habit did just that, in 3 minutes, at an EFT Certificate Level 1 training weekend.  

She did this through just 3 minutes of focussed tapping on herself while she said a few focussed words.  Read more

Got business worries? Like a secret weapon? Try EFT tapping.


Small business can be pleasure or struggle—but more and more people are taking it up.  Did you know that a huge 34% of the U.S.  workforce are independent business owners or freelancers?  Australians are following that trend.

While the independence feels wonderful, this choice brings its own stresses.   Read more

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