EFT Tapping Can Stop You Smoking

If you’re still smoking, don’t blame it on nicotine!  The truth is — you smoke to feel better!   What if you could find a BETTER way to feel  better, to enjoy all those ‘stop smoking benefits’?

When we don’t feel good, typically we feel anxious. 

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Stress Causes PMS

Acupressure technique resolves both


Pre-menstrual stress (PMS) syndrome is a cause of misery for many women – as well as for people around them!  Lashing out in anger and frustration once a month is itself frustrating. 

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Why train in EFT tapping?

Can’t you just read a book on how to do it?

If you found a diamond in the street, would you pick it up and go, ‘How beautiful! So valuable, too!’  Would you then put it back and walk on?

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Stressed to the eyeballs?

Try the tapping technique

Are you stressed to the eyeballs with end-of-year pressures?  I wonder if you realise you don’t need to feel so tense?

 What do you do if life is too much — you can’t take a holiday — you’d rather not take a pill? 

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