Why train in EFT tapping?

Can’t you just read a book on how to do it?

If you found a diamond in the street, would you pick it up and go, ‘How beautiful! So valuable, too!’  Would you then put it back and walk on?

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Stressed to the eyeballs?

Try the tapping technique

Are you stressed to the eyeballs with end-of-year pressures?  I wonder if you realise you don’t need to feel so tense?

 What do you do if life is too much — you can’t take a holiday — you’d rather not take a pill? 

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Does grief spoil your Christmas holidays?

Emotional healing is closer than you think.

Do holidays and anniversaries carry a load of grief for you because someone important to you is no longer sharing them – through a parting, or distance, or death?

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Your OFF SWITCH for stress – DIY tapping


Would you agree that we humans are born without an OFF SWITCH for our uncomfortable or painful emotions?

However much we might want to, mostly we can’t turn off our fears, angers, griefs, resentments quickly, just by trying to, can we?

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