Got business worries? Like a secret weapon? Try EFT tapping.


Small business can be pleasure or struggle—but more and more people are taking it up.  Did you know that a huge 34% of the U.S.  workforce are independent business owners or freelancers?  Australians are following that trend.

While the independence feels wonderful, this choice brings its own stresses.   Read more

EFT tapping –stress relief through tap dancing? No?

tap dancing shoes

What is EFT tapping?  Tap dancing?  No.  A water tap?  No.  It’s a fast way to give yourself stress-free living – a science-backed acupressure technique that you can easily learn to do to relieve worry, pain and limitations.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) has swept around the world to millions of people since its development only in the Nineties — spread just by word of mouth from people who try it (and use it correctly!)

No government, pharmaceutical company or institution owns or pushes EFT.      Read more

Want a secret helper for life?  Meet EFT tapping


woman smiling

Did you know there’s now an easy way to change your stress emotions, fast?  And also to ease physical pain — to dissolve mental or emotional blockers — to improve your performance, at whatever it is you do?

Tapping can be your secret helper for the rest of your life.   Read more

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