‘He broke my heart’ – EFT tapping and relationships stresses

Jenny had become deeply involved with a new lover, but after two months he had inexplicably dropped her.  She was shattered.

She spent the next two months suffering emotional pain, which interfered with her professional work, before she turned to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) for help.  Read more

‘Almost depressed’? 5 ways to tell. It’s time for EFT tapping


Do you suffer from ‘the blues’, periodically or always?  If so, you – or a loved one – may not be depressed enough to warrant medical treatment.  Yet ongoing unhappiness is proven to be threatening your physical health — for example, both your heart health, and your immune system’s ability to fight off ailments such as the common cold.  Read more

Family Breakup

Grief can be lifted, faster than you think

‘Time heals all,’ they say.  Unfortunately,  it doesn’t.  We just get resigned to our hurts, perhaps years later.  But there is now a simple, better way to peace!   It’s an acupressure technique called EFT tapping.  Read more

Has Your Relationship Turned Wobbly?

Try this solution

If you are feeling afraid that your honeymoon closeness might be over – however long that beautiful period lasted – don’t give up.  Let me give you a valuable relationship tip:  EFT tapping.

This is a powerful self-help technique based on research that reduces stressed emotions, often quickly. 

  Read more

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