Do you procrastinate? Try EFT Tapping

Millions of people put things off — and off — and off.  But there are often consequences.  You can lose great opportunities this way, lose friends, lose jobs, lose money.  Can a person stop procrastinating?

Yes, say EFT tappers.  Emotional Freedom Techniques is an easy-to-learn-and-use technique for getting to ultimate causes of personal problems and neutralising them.    Read more

EFT tapping –stress relief through tap dancing? No?

tap dancing shoes

What is EFT tapping?  Tap dancing?  No.  A water tap?  No.  It’s a fast way to give yourself stress-free living – a science-backed acupressure technique that you can easily learn to do to relieve worry, pain and limitations.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) has swept around the world to millions of people since its development only in the Nineties — spread just by word of mouth from people who try it (and use it correctly!)

No government, pharmaceutical company or institution owns or pushes EFT.      Read more

Discover The Real You

With EFT tapping!


‘Not pretending, not folding herself small to fit in someone else’s grasp…’   Novelist Marina Endicott

How to start finding yourself is the great new adventure!   ‘Who do you think you are?’ is such a meaningful question that the answer you give has influenced everything in your life – your self-confidence, relationships, work, home, even your health.

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EFT Tapping Can Stop You Smoking

If you’re still smoking, don’t blame it on nicotine!  The truth is — you smoke to feel better!   What if you could find a BETTER way to feel  better, to enjoy all those ‘stop smoking benefits’?

When we don’t feel good, typically we feel anxious. 

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