Discover The Real You

With EFT tapping!


‘Not pretending, not folding herself small to fit in someone else’s grasp…’   Novelist Marina Endicott

How to start finding yourself is the great new adventure!   ‘Who do you think you are?’ is such a meaningful question that the answer you give has influenced everything in your life – your self-confidence, relationships, work, home, even your health.

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EFT Tapping Can Stop You Smoking

If you’re still smoking, don’t blame it on nicotine!  The truth is — you smoke to feel better!   What if you could find a BETTER way to feel  better, to enjoy all those ‘stop smoking benefits’?

When we don’t feel good, typically we feel anxious. 

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Painful Memories?

Fade them away fast with EFT tapping

Are you troubled by bad memories?  Past events?  Nightmares?  Scary places?  You don’t have to carry this extra stress around with you wherever you go.  EFT tapping is a simple self-help solution.

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