If you’re still smoking, don’t blame it on nicotine!  The truth is — you smoke to feel better!   What if you could find a BETTER way to feel  better, to enjoy all those ‘stop smoking benefits’?

When we don’t feel good, typically we feel anxious.  Anxiety is stress.  A cigarette calms us down, temporarily, until anxiety builds again.

Many people have stopped smoking by using EFT tapping, a fast acupressure technique for healing emotional and mental stress permanently through calming body and mind.

Tapping on the endpoints of meridian energy circuits soothes the brain, according to research at Harvard Medical School.  When a person can stop smoking, nicotine leaves the body in 3 days.

‘Help!   I can’t stop smoking.’

EFT is a DIY process for many of life’s difficulties, although some topics such as addictions need experienced EFT assistance.

When an EFT tapping practitioner deals with a client’s smoking addiction, he or she is likely to first ask some practical questions, such as:

What does smoking mean to you?

When did you start smoking, and why?
What do you see as the ‘upside ‘ to quitting?
What do you see as the ‘downside’ to becoming a non-smoker?

Treatment by tapping away uncomfortable emotions might include these aspects:

Even though I use cigarettes to stuff my feelings…                                                                                                           
Even though I use cigarettes to comfort myself…                                                                                       
Even though I use cigarettes as my reward…

NOTE!  STOP SMOKING BENEFITS    Along with providing a fast technique for eliminating the craving for a cigarette, EFT treatment is likely to heal the cause of a smoking addiction, in a short series of sessions.

This means that people who stop smoking have no need to switch to another addiction, such as food or strong coffee or nail biting, which happens when people still don’t feel good in themselves.

EFT practitioners in 26 countries work in person or by phone or Skype.

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