Regular tappers will like this!

A pioneering scientific study soon to be published in the U.S.  Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (Oct. 2012) found that one hour of EFT tapping lowered the stress ‘master’ hormone cortisol, significantly more than other interventions tested.

This journal is the oldest peer-reviewed journal in the USA.

High cortisol levels are associated with signs of rapid ageing, like skin wrinkles and the loss of bone density.

In a randomized control trial, 83 people were assigned to a 1-hour session of EFT, talk therapy, or rest.  Afterwards, cortisol had declined a whopping 24% via EFT, while the other two groups rated 14% only.  As well, the EFT had also lowered anxiety, depression and other psychological problems.

Talk to your doctor                                                                                                                                                    

Science author Dr. Dawson Church, author of ‘The Genie in Your Genes’ and EFT advocate, says, ‘This study is a great way to talk to your doctor or psychologist about EFT.

‘The study is pioneering because it uses the ‘hard science’ of molecular biology to measure the ‘soft science’ of emotional healing.’ 

Further research explores whether EFT affects more physiological systems, including the expression of genes involved in the stress response.

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