In Israel, Matrix Reimprinting practitioner Rabbi Immanuel Yosef and a team of 5 Matrix Reimprinting practitioners from Israel and the U.K. began EFT tapping work for trauma and stress relief on March 11, 2012, with generational victims of war.

Matrix Reimprinting is one of fastest methods of trauma and stress release in the world.  It is a meridian-based tapping and visualisation technique.

The Rabbi reported, ‘We saw and recorded on film daily miracles.

‘We need a professional interpreter from Hebrew to English, to render our priceless and large quantity of Hollywood-quality footage into English, so we can show the world and do more of these projects.’

In the city of Tzfat the team focussed first on local victims of a massacre that occurred in 1974. Most of the survivors, now in their 50’s, had had zero treatment for trauma and stress relief. They suffered massive survivor guilt, and still carried terror issues.

The massacre occurred to a group of 115 children from Tzfat, on a school weekend outing.  They were asleep in a school 35 minutes away when a group of terrorists disguised as soldiers armed with weapons and hand grenades burst in and woke them up at 3am, and tortured them for 12 hours.

Finally the terrorists blasted the room with automatic gunfire and grenades, killing 18 girls and 4 boys and wounding 68 others.

The Matrix team began work with 5 victims and family members who, the Rabbi explained, ‘each require extensive prolonged training and follow-up with multi-modal programs.’

Civilian victims of missile attack

The team also worked with victims of the 2008 Lebanon Missile War.  More than 500 missiles exploded in the city.

One of the team’s clients, a paramedic, had directed rescue operations through 33 days of frontline action serving the Army’s wounded and local casualties.

Another client was the mother of a poor family whose home had received a direct missile hit.   The blast destroyed their home while 5 very young children and the parents were inside and were seriously injured.

Help needed

The Rabbi, who voluntarily runs a PTSD Prevention and Resolution program, has now received permission from the Tzfat mayor to train 100 local people in his methods – including the tapping techniques — within the next 2 months.

Unfortunately there is no budget for this, and the Rabbi has already used his personal capital.

In a touching appeal from this volunteer aid worker in Israel — a country fearing a nuclear attack from Iran’s fast developing nuclear industry –  he writes, ‘I am reaching out to those of you who can relevantly help resource us to ready the films and budget, to keep daily moving forward while there is still peace here on the ground.’


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