Did you know that aidworkers take EFT tapping into disaster areas to help traumatised people recover faster?  At least three international humanitarian relief organizations have adapted it as a treatment for both traumatised groups and individuals.

Because EFT tapping can quickly neutralise shock and horror and fear without needing equipment, it not only helps stabilise people in the aftermath of disaster, it also plays a large part in avoiding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As well, people learn to continue using it for themselves as a stress release technique. Some aidworkers have taught the basic technique in schools, for example in Indonesia after earthquake.

World outreach 

EFT — still not 20 years old — is a leading energy healing system in the new field of Energy Psychology. Already tappers have applied it in the wake of natural and human-made disasters in the Congo, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait, Moldavia, Nairobi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand and the U.S.

A major project in Rwanda has used EFT tapping to de-traumatise young survivors of genocide from the war there 20 years ago, and now teaches leadership and entrepreneurship to them so they can contribute to their country’s welfare.

EFT Global
A new branch of EFT called EFT Global is also taking this simple technique around the world, as humanitarian aid for troubled areas.  Its first task this year was to send a team to teach  EFT to health professionals and social workers in Mexico over 5 days.

EFT is fast becoming the preferred treatment for trauma with thousands of health professionals internationally.

Multi-purpose technique
Yet one of EFT’s unique features is that lay people — even children — use it too, to calm all levels of upset. and apply it to many more of life’s   difficulties.


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