A Matrix Reimprinting demonstration healed a terrible moment for a participant in my  tuition class for beginners learning the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping)  stress relief system .

This woman had recently had to leave her ill, weeping father in a nursing home, where he desperately did not want to be.    Her family had explored every other option, but a nursing home had to be the solution.

(Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced application of EFT tapping, devised by EFT Master Karl Dawson.)

Helplessness and guilt      

Class members were awed by the rapid change for her, from huge helplessness and guilt (which she might have suffered for the rest of her life) to peace and acceptance of the new situation, in only a few minutes.

During this 3-hour class, newcomers to EFT had experiences that made them more aware of the potential of this remarkable acupressure technique, to change lives for the better.

They learned the basic 30-second EFT technique, and then applied it.   They volunteered a variety of their personal problems, ranging from physical pain, self-blame, memory of an accident that led to current ill health, and a painful childhood memory, and more.

In every case, their stress decreased in minutes.  In many cases such releases prove to be permanent..

Back pain
One participant had chronic lower back pain which dissolved through tapping, and she was still free of it by the end of the class.  She learned that if the pain returned, she needed to process it at a deeper level by learning more EFT.

Even as beginners these people went away with enough of this new skill to help themselves and others, including a mother of two who wanted to know how to help her children.

As an EFT coach/practitioner, I see empowering people to help themselves as a high form of healing. Of course, beginners can’t do everything, and complex or serious problems, especially trauma, require more advanced work in EFT tapping.

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