The new way to help your frightened pet recover quickly from terror is through a simple modified acupressure technique that works for us humans.  It’s called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping), and you do it by briefly tapping on your own or another’s body and focussing your thoughts. 

Whether you have a dog terrified of thunderstorms, a kitten trembling in your hands, or a horse that has survived abuse but keeps rearing, know that there are people around the world beaming with relief because their pets have been helped to permanently let go of their suffering, probably in minutes.   Whatever that relevant trauma was, EFT tapping has neutralised its effects.

In many cases pet owners themselves have learned and applied the basic skill of EFT tapping.  If the pet is too small – upset – unwilling — dangerous for physical tapping, an extra EFT skill is required.

Here are a few cases  reported over the last decade  on EFT founder Gary Craig’s former website:
• A dog afraid of thunderstorms always paced, panted and drooled throughout the storm – after tapping treatment actually went to sleep during a storm
• A cat that panicked about its owner’s hairdryer and would fly out of the room now ignores it and sleeps through its noise.
• A ‘scaredy-cat’ that would not allow itself to be picked up to be petted allowed 10 minutes of lap petting while it purred.

Are animals like us?
Pet owners won‘t be surprised that the reason animals respond to EFT tapping is because animals have similar neurological systems to ours. A neurologists’ conference at Cambridge University recently announced this to the world.

(You may think, surely we all know this by now?  Well, at least this officially contradicts the pronouncement of the 17th Century French philosopher Rene Descartes, that animals are actually automata, or mechanical contraptions… )

How does EFT tapping work?
Research staff from the U.S. government department of Veterans’ Affairs are midway into a 5-year study of EFT . This comes out of EFT’s astounding effectiveness in achieving recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among U.S. war veterans — others of whom are suiciding at the rate of one a day.

We know that EFT tapping calms the body’s bioelectrical meridian system, which Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, has utilised for 4,000 years.
Harvard Medical School recently found that acupressure also soothes the brain’s amygdala, involved in the fight-flight-freeze response to danger, actual,  remembered, or imagined.

But you don’t have to know biology to use simple EFT tapping to calm the terrors of animals -or of yourself.  And EFT tapping has achieved many physical improvements for sick animals too…

Applying this system puts facilitating power into your own hands.

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