What a difference some EFT tapping could make among Australia’s depressed and stressed aboriginal population!  High rates of ill health are just one of many daily causes for anxiety experienced by Aboriginals around country and remote areas .

As a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping, a meridian-based energy system for relieving stress quickly), I can see the difference that a little education in this self-help acupressure method could make with Aboriginal men, women and children… in relieving  personal stress,  in promoting relaxation, in soothing or eliminating physical pain, as a start.

Even better would be access to EFT practitioners who could guide them easily and quickly to start eliminating trauma effects from their individual histories.

War veterans and world disaster areas

Increasing thousands of U.S. war veterans are recovering or greatly improving  from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which has no official cure, through sessions with EFT practitioners.  The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs  does not accept EFT for use with veterans, despite the increasingly large volume of favorable scientific studies into EFT.

With veterans in a scientifically supervised program, an average of six EFT sessions has been enough to give them back their lives  in many cases. Many of these  men and women, who were formerly tortured by this terrible aftermath of war trauma, no longer check out as PTSD sufferers on official monitoring lists.    (See the movie documentary ‘Operation Emotional Freedom — The Answer’ on www.operation-emotionalfreedom.com , showing some of the EFT work done with vets by practitioners.)

Recently, in a big unofficial breakthrough, some U.S. Veterans’ Administration hospitals began allowing EFT tapping, Levels 1 and 2,  to be taught to interested staff members.

Training for healthworkers

Although EFT itself is not twenty years old, it already has a world humanitarian program operating.

Qualified aidworkers  have successfully taught this simple stress relief skill at a basic level to groups and individuals in natural or human-made disaster areas around the globe, and so have reduced or eliminated post-traumatic stress.  And as in Mexico , EFT professionals taught local health professionals to do tapping to help themselves and others. (In Mexico — and Turkey — EFT is taught to child cancer sufferers, to relieve nausea from treatment and other stressful symptoms.)

Some  local people in natural disaster regions have taken the skill into their schools and communities for daily use, eg. in Indonesia, Haiti, Rwanda.

When I visited Alice Springs in Australia, as well as sessioning a couple of Aboriginal women elders — while bureaucratic doors seem to be firmly closed  to this relatively new self-help method –  I’m happy to report that I held a day’s EFT training for two healthworkers from two different Aboriginal agencies. My hope was that staff members  impressed with how effective EFT stress relief is  for themselves and their families may be able to introduce the skill further.

Would Aboriginals accept EFT tapping?

Would Aboriginals accept this tapping method, which is a combination of ancient knowledge and 21st century innovation?  Who knows?  But I believe they deserve the opportunity.

Given the various woes of so many Australian Aboriginal people, it’s clear that a little education in a non-drug method of how to calm themselves by tapping on specific energy keypoints on their bodies would be a good thing.

Certainly both Aboriginal women I tapped with when I visited Alice Springs acknowleged immediate benefits of anxiety relief .

One  who had a private EFT session with me was experiencing a stressload through the roof, from a combination of her serious ill health, grief and worry from a relative’s death, and family and financial difficulties.

When I began the session by asking what was worrying her, she said she had so many problems that she couldn’t pick one. However, she did, and only a few minutes into the supposedly hour-long session she rushed home to have her first good sleep in weeks. (‘That was great, what happened,’ she said later.)

Globally, communities abound that could benefit enormously from stress relief through EFT tapping. Helping people to help themselves is a high form of healing.


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