Learn EFT tapping!

 OK, most of us do manage our own lives, but undeniably some people manage better than others.  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) makes this a whole lot easier and more effective,  because it enables you to take charge of your life — in ways that have been impossible before.

EFT tapping is a science-based acupressure technique that relieves stress, suffering and limitations, and opens up new choices. It can be DIY, and also practitioner-assisted.

You can now choose how you feel!

Millions of people in different countries are now tapping on themselves and saying a few relevant words — and not only feeling better, and writing about it, but making much more of their life opportunities, often quite quickly.

Learning the basics of EFT might take you ten minutes, with an EFT practitioner, or an EFT book, or an EFT website.  You can download a free starter ebook on my website, www.EFTemotionalhealing.com 

Then – even at the basic level – you’ll have the tools to:

  • Change your mood in minutes, say, from anger to calm, as in road rage
  • Choose to move from sadness, guilt, despair etc. into peace.
  • Drop unnecessary anxieties and fears
  • Tap away minor aches and pains
  • Tap away confusion, indecision

If you want more, you can take an introductory training day (with a certificate) to learn to do other extraordinary things such as:

  • · Tap away a cold, symptom by symptom
  • · Improve your performance in sport, music, stage, business, etc.
  • · Clear relationship tensions
  •   Build up your self-esteem
  • · Heal painful memories
  • · Lose a phobia
  • · Help a pet feel better
  • · And so on

And there’s even more…   EFT practitioners can help you:

  • · Heal a broken heart
  • · Recover faster from accidents, surgeries, etc
  • · Recover faster from major shocks and losses, such as bereavement
  • · Improve or eliminate learning difficulties
  • · Gently neutralise trauma memories
  • · Lower the stressload of illnesses
  • · And more…

ABOUT ANNIE O’GRADY, author of ‘Tapping Your Troubles Away with EFT.

I am a transformation coach. I help people move from where they don’t want to be in their lives to celebrating joy in getting what they want.

I can help you get started quickly with tapping to shine up your life !


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