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Could a simple tap-on-yourself technique heal a horrific war memory that had agonised an ex-soldier for 60 years after his Korean war service?

Yes, and it did. The technique is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping).  The war veteran is Karl, and he couldn’t talk about that experience without emotional turmoil – until he went through an EFT session with  U.S. EFT trainer Alina Frank.  Karl now says, ‘Thirteen years of group therapy, or one hour of EFT/Matrix Reimprinting ?   Take your pick.  I’m sold on EFT!’ (Matrix Reimprinting is an adaptation of EFT.)

Karl’s relief has been multiplied vastly by other war veterans, particularly in the U.S.

While millions of U.S. war veterans suffer from PTSD,  many thousands of those  men and women  no longer qualify for the condition, following 5-19 EFT sessions delivered in the private sector at no cost by experienced EFT practitioners.   Some of those sessions happened online on Skype.

Although these people now have their lives back, at least 22 U.S. war veterans kill themselves each day because of PTSD, which has no official cure. That figure does not include suicides disguised as ‘accidents’.  More die by suicide than are killed on active service.

In 2017, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs acknowledged EFT as a safe technique for its healthcare staff to use with veterans, including the seriously ill.This has followed from eight years of lobbying as far as the White House and the Pentagon.

 What is EFT tapping?

EFT tapping is a science-backed acupressure technique for fast, gentle stress relief.  Although only two decades old, it is already defined by the conservative American Psychological Association as an ‘evidence-based’ technique.  It belongs to a new category of energy healing called Energy Psychology.

PTSD is described as ‘the inability to function normally after trauma.’  The trauma can be traumatic experiences in war (or for anyone,  from accident, assault, natural disaster etc.)

PTSD symptoms  include extreme anxiety, panic attacks, anger, prolonged insomnia, severe depression, substance abuse.  This state can last for decades.  It may be exaggerated by other unresolved traumas suffered before the war experiences, as well as by chronic pain (EFT relieves pain on average by 68%.)

Scientific studies on EFT and PTSD show high success rates for participants.

Veterans’ Stress Project – EFT tapping in action

Some of those thousands of U.S. vets (and family members suffering PTSD from living with them) who were open to EFT treatment donated by experienced EFT practitioners were part of the ongoing Veterans’ Stress Project conducted by Dawson Church, Ph. D.  The Project serves  veterans of all ages from the Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

A movie documentary showing vets receiving gentle EFT treatment  is available on    It is called ‘Operation:  Emotional Freedom – The Answer’.

Drug-free, gentle and fast

One of the Project’s practitioners is Marilyn McWilliams, who writes in the ‘Clinical EFT Handbook, Vol. 2’:  ‘EFT is a drug-free technique… fast, flexible and economical.

She says, ‘Many studies confirm it is astonishingly effective.  In the first randomised controlled clinical trial applying EFT to veteran PTSD, 86% of veterans no longer tested positive for PTSD, and gains were maintained in follow-up.

‘Anyone can learn enough EFT to improve his or her quality of life.  Expertly delivered, EFT is extraordinarily effective in resolving even complex PTSD.

‘EFT carries the promise of unimagined gifts of freedom and peace.’

Marilyn adds that after EFT  the veterans’ theme is, “Thank you, I have my life back.  How can we make EFT available to other veterans?”

Former VA psychiatrist and psychotherapist Rick Staggenborg (2013) said, ‘This EFT technique is the best hope I have ever seen of helping all of our veterans.’

EFT could save billions of dollars

EFT is also economical.  EFT researcher Dr. Dawson Church argues from facts that treatments such as EFT for veterans could save the US. economy  $65 billion a year.

The VA spends astronomically for drug treatments for vets.  A number of these drugs are known to significantly increase the risk of dementia, or to have unwelcome side effects such as sexual dysfunction or emotional numbness. Over ten years the VA , spent $541 million on one drug that was then shown to be no better than a placebo.

Now that the U.S. has officially adopted EFT, why isn’t EFT officially adopted in Australia and other countries where ex-servicepeople can live in agony for years as their reward for patriotic duty? 

Fortunately, some informed sufferers  are not waiting around for them to act, because veterans and their families can’t bear the pain any longer.


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