VIP Day Intensive



Help!  I Need a Miracle!”  – just for you, if you’re a busy person in a hurry for more success!

These exciting events are private 1-to-1 online one day sessions with Annie.

Customised  to achieve accelerated long lasting, meaningful change on one life problem.  Just show up on Skype — with an open mind — and leave the rest to Annie.

A VIP Day Intensive packs months of therapeutic coaching into 6 hours online (lots of breaks!).  Annie brings her skills and knowledge from 30 years as a transformation coach.  You will mainly be using tapping techniques.  As well as gently dissolving old blocks and stresses that have been sabotaging you, you’ll learn simple stress management skills to support and enhance your health and daily wellbeing in the future.

This program includes relevant handouts, and a 30-minute followup session one week after your VIP Day Intensive.

The often surprising effects of this transformational work will  continue to sparkle up your life, long after this day has ended!  You’ll wonder why you waited.

You will be required to fill out an application form to assess  whether your issue is a good fit for this intensive work and will receive a 15 minute strategy phone or skype session with Annie, prior to booking in and paying for your Big Day program.

Please fill in either the work or pdf application forms and send them to Annie.



Your  financial investment in the rest of your life, for your  VIP Day Intensive:  $997 (Fully Prepaid)



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