Rape is not often discussed, is it? Either in public, or among friends? Yet it’s a common crime.

Being raped generally affects a victim for the rest of life, in destructive and limiting ways. While rape statistics are high, because of victims’ fears and shame rape is seriously under-reported, leaving rapists free to violate again.

But — does a person who has been raped need to continually feel like a victim, although he or she has actually been a victim?

‘Angels in Hell’ Two Australian women who are personal growth coaches have written a book about rape, called ‘Angels in Hell’.

Ruby Johnson and Leanne Peard have created a book that is an honest, wise and helpful discussion of rape and its aftermath.

Both authors had been been raped. From their own experiences and their healing journeys they offer understanding and advice for the suffering of women and men who have also been raped.

Their book includes a chapter on rape in marriage, and a comprehensive list of countries which have and have not made marital rape illegal. (Australia has.)

I thoroughly recommend ‘Angels in Hell’.

But there’s more… Reading this book as an EFT tapper, I am sad that – like every other book on rape that I’ve seen — it does not mention the amazing power of the new meridian-based acupressure techniques to eliminate trauma effects from the whole being, quickly.

Words don’t reach the body
Words can illumine and inspire, as do the words in that book. But alone, words seldom change anything. They don’t reach the body, or the original shock that remains in the body after any trauma.

EFT tapping, when done thoroughly, creates peace in the body’s ever-active electromagnetic energy system, where instant change occurs. You can create change for the better!

In reaching healing outcomes with trauma, as an EFT coach my first task is to guide a client to tap away shock from both body and memory. New medical studies acknowledge that unresolved shock effects can lead to serious illness.

Energy health therapies can clear shock out of the body
Shock settles in the body, whether it’s from rape, accident, or even from being diagnosed with a severe illness. EFT tapping can clear out its effects, recent or old.

An empowering change of mind 
EFT tapping also releases stresses you can target, in:

• emotions generated by rape and its aftereffects: anger, betrayal, shame, self-hate, fears and the rest.
• the mind (‘What learning and beliefs do you carry from the assault? Are these serving you now, or burdening you? Would you like to tap these away and adopt better beliefs?’)

Clearing out rape effects
In assisting clients to heal from rape, even I have been surprised at how fast old or new stresses can go even in a first session, through tapping techniques that simply balance the energy system.

Not uncommonly, rape stress can be totally gone, neutralised, in under an hour.

EXAMPLE. A woman had been haunted by a traumatic rape she’d suffered ten years ago (she was now obese). Hardly a day passed when she didn’t recall something unpleasant about the rape, and how dirty it still made her feel.

Within her first and only EFT tapping session with me, she went from a bout of hysterical weeping that overtook her as she described how a trusted bodyworker had raped her as a patient when she was ill and vulnerable, to bursting out laughing about her ten years of hell.

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