Mad at your boss?  A friend?  A lover?  Mad at yourself? Perhaps you have a problem with road rage.  Or sometimes you’re just mad at the world. It’s all too easy to sound off and then regret it for a long time. Would you like to regain control of yourself?

Did you know there’s now a simple way to manage your stress emotions, fast?  You can easily learn it, and even share it with stressed family members, friends, workmates.  It’s a finger-tapping process based on acupuncture, and it will set you up for an easier life.

This amazing breakthrough method is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping).   It’s a scientifically proven acupressure technique that calms the brain’s fear centre and lowers the stress hormone cortisol. ‘Acupressure’ means fingertapping on some of your own acupuncture points (no needles).

You can use this method while you are angry, and beginners have at least 50% chance of success.  If you’ve been angry for a long time, you might need help from an experienced EFT practitioner who can guide you to gently release underlying stress that drives the anger and makes you lose control.

Angry PTSD war veterans calm in six tapping sessions

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs acknowledges EFT as an evidence-based method for relieving combat trauma, which creates irrational anger among many other symptoms..  This follows the experience of thousands of veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  After a generally short treatment with EFT practitioners, often six sessions, they no longer qualify as PTSD sufferers.  Tapping studies on PTSD with veterans show a success rate of 80% even when vets have suffered for decades, perhaps since the Vietnam war, which ended in 1975.

Reach peace from many problems

EFT tapping not only works in the moment.  You can have EFT practitioner help to apply it to reduce or eliminate chronic physical pain, clear negative behaviour patterns out of your life, to eliminate even longstanding trauma effects, to neutralise bad memories…

You can do lots of other things with EFT tapping too, such as eliminate food cravings, relieve your workplace stress, clear a phobia, improve your relationships, your self-confidence, or your performance at whatever you do, and much more.

What’s the common factor?  Clearing stress from your mind, body, heart feelings

Here’s a comment after an EFT trainee had some tapping sessions:  ”EFT has enabled me to move past things that have held me back my entire life.’

If you want a new adventure into becoming more empowered and stress-free in your life journey, try tapping.  It’s a peace-making skill that goes wherever you go.


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