A small girl who had not spoken for a year after she went through Haiti’s massive 2010 earthquake told her story after she experienced EFT tapping. Her trauma symptom vanished.

French EFT practitioner Jean-Michel Gurret was invited to work with quake survivors in Haiti last year, and he made a video of this (see YouTube). The quake killed 250,000 people and injured many more.

The child above told of how she had seen her mother crushed and killed by building rubble during the quake.

Still suffering a year later
Jean-Michel found hundreds of orphans who were still traumatised a year afterwards. In successfully teaching tapping to individuals and groups, he noted high levels of post-traumatic stress, particularly the trauma symptoms of grief and survivor guilt, as well as horrifying memories.

Some of the individuals he tapped with had been trapped in rubble – one man for days .

Jean-Michel also used tapping to help the injured relieve pain : amputees suffering phantom limb pain, and others whose pain medication was not working (yet tapping did work).

Testing before and after three group tapping sessions revealed that participants’ levels of post-traumatic stress had declined by 60%.

EFT tapping is ideal for use in disaster areas because:
* it is easy to learn
* often gets results quickly
* needs no drugs or equipment
* and stays with recipients for personal use to reduce or eliminate other trauma symptoms and pain.

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