EFT Training & Classes

Annie is an internationally accredited certified EFT Master Trainer.

She can teach you this amazing tapping technique so that you can become a certified EFT practitioner with AAMET International–approved EFT tapping training.

(AAMET International stands for the world’s largest professional association for tappers:  Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques. It standardises science-based EFT training around the world, as there are now hundreds of variations of EFT on the Internet).

AAMET International certification tells people that you are improving your practical EFT skills. It also demonstrates that you are investing in your education and your excellence, and that you are receiving ongoing mentoring tocontinue improving your effectiveness. In Annie’s small-group AAMET International approved EFT tapping training classes, you will learn much more than the basic EFT skills that people can obtain online or from a book. You may also have the opportunity to work on personal problems. Find out when the next courses are running (see below), or contact Annie to find out more.

Level 1 AAMET International approved Certificate

In this course you will enjoy finding out that you can do much more than you thought you could!  You will discover the power of tapping away limitations. You will rewire some of your automatic negative reactions and assist others to do the same, by learning the core EFT tapping process and principles, plus many ways to apply these to make life easier.  You will address  how to release anxieties, fears and angers, how to eliminate cravings, relieve physical pain,  neutralise a bothersome memory — and more, in the company of like-minded people. A hands-on workshop with video, discussion, supervised tapping practice.

Duration: 2-day workshop
Location: Fullarton, Adelaide, South Australia
Cost: $AUD495  (Book early and get $100 off the course cost)

A $50 deposit is required to secure your place.

Book early as number are strictly limited.

Check the next course date


Level 2 AAMET International approved Certificate

After gaining your Level 1 Certificate, in this course you will learn and do more.  Level 2 is the foundation on which all advanced EFT techniques are based.  You will learn more about working to release deep-seated stresses for better physical and mental health:   how to find and de-stress core negative beliefs that are holding you back in some part of your life, how to clear phobias, traumatic memories, how to use tapping to improve performance in sport, business, education, how to make your affirmations work, and much more.  A hands-on workshop with video, discussion and supervised practice.

Duration: Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday
Location: Fullarton, Adelaide, South Australia
Cost: $AUD495. Book early and get $100 off the course cost.

A $50 deposit is required to secure your place.

Book early as number are strictly limited.

Check the next course date


EFT Practitioner Training Course

This requires both EFT Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates from a qualified EFT trainer

Duration: an initial online AAMET INTERNATIONAL exam,then undertake case studies, supervision and CPD hours, over one year. 
Location: Adelaide (or anywhere via Skype)

Contact Annie for more details


Level 3 AAMET International and Advanced Practitioner approved Certificate

Level 3 AAMET International Approved Certificate
Duration: 3-day workshop
Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Contact Annie for more details

Small classes

From time to time, Annie schedules demonstrations for groups or  6-week classes on topics such as:

  • Manage Your Own Stress
  • Learn EFT Tapping in a Day
  • Reach Personal Peace
  • How to Enhance Your Self Confidence
  • Tap into Pain Relief
  • Tapping Help for Your Relationships
  • Turbo-charge Your Goals with Tapping
  • Lose Anxiety and  Stress

You can also request Annie to give a presentation on a topic that is of interest to your group. Contact Annie now to discuss the kind of session you would like to have with your group, and all the training possibilities available.

Praise for Annie's Small Class Training

Stepney Women’s Community Centre, Team Leader Michelle Tsutsulis said: 

Women feel that the personal benefits they have received from attending Annie’s EFT programs at this centre have been life-changing, insightful, excellent, and have helped greatly with physical, emotional and psychological health. Annie is a great communicator who delivers programs that can be applied to all aspects of life, in self healing and stress managements. Our participants’ overall comment regarding Annie’s courses was “Please do more!!’” Great work, Annie.

Special interest groups

If there’s a group of you with a particular interest or concern, contact Annie to find out she can help with EFT tapping on a whole range of different subjects, including:

  • Friends’ group — choose your topic!L2-group-026-1024x388
  • Business – overcome personal difficulties
  • Health – learn relaxation, self-help
  • Stress management – easier than you might think
  • Meditation – learn to go deeper
  • Self-improvement – achieve fast change for the better
  • Help your pets –  EFT for your dog, cat, bird, fish, etc.    

Praise for Annie's Training Classes

‘This was a great course.  It opened my eyes…’  Mick Campion, boxing instructor

‘I am empowered in a way I never have been before.’  Eileen Norville, retired

‘Love the extensive training manual.’  Jodie Ellen, zoo keeper

‘I literally witnessed how EFT could alleviate an individual’s suffering before my very own eyes.  The course was relaxed, structured, informative and experiential.’  Andrea Byrne, recruitment officer

‘The class has been an eye-opener in terms of how far and wide EFT can be applied, and how effective it can be in alleviating many different physical, emotional and psychological ailments — and how quickly you can get real results and significant changes.’ Christopher Wallace, healthwork executive

‘Something I can take away and use immediately’.   John Dorward, financial planner & ambulance volunteer

‘Since Level 1 I have worked on physical pain and fatigue successfully.  Also, I have shifted a huge resentment I felt towards my father, and things have been much better since.  I’ve worked on acceptance of myself the way I am right now (rather than always trying to be something different) and have also tapped on releasing a spiritual block, which also seems to have worked. I’ve even given my Dad and Grandad a photocopy of the tapping points and told them about tapping and they are using it often and getting positive results!  I can’t wait for LEVEL 2 !’   Connie Hayworth,  office worker

‘I have a new sense of hope. And this is something I can teach my grandchildren in times of stress.’  Dianne Bosisto, retired

‘I like knowing EFT is so easy to use without learning too much from books. No rush and easy to ask questions.’ Ursula Quack, office manager

‘Thank you for your excellent training recently. I’ve been practising tapping and really loving the sense of peace I feel when I go through the process with each issue.  I’ll be keen to do more training in the future.  Thanks again, you’re a great teacher!’ Claire Thompson, team leader

‘I’m beginning a lifelong journey of self help.  I have a better understanding of how EFT can be effective with physical problems.’  Linda Dorward, case worker

‘This gives me hope for the future. I liked feeling EFT working.’ Sandra Hallett, export manager

‘I got confidence and incentive to use tapping for myself and friends and family.’  Paula Powell, tenancy officer

‘I liked the relaxed yet informative manner in which it was presented. The amount that was able to be covered both in theory and practice was terrific, I thoroughly enjoyed it.’ Debra Elliott, parent

‘Simple and clear to follow, lots of information, a safe environment.’ Rudi  Foster, student

‘I got practical skills to use myself. I experienced positive results today.’  Jody Pullman, carer

‘A method to systematically work through issues, and I feel confident to do them myself, and that they’ll work’. Wendy Sheehy, personal assistant  ‘I can verify Annie’s professionalism, she is mind-blowing for sure!’ Rosalie J. Cronin, via Facebook

‘Annie is a wonderful teacher and a loving, caring person.’ Freya Nicole Meyer, via Facebook

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