While EFT tapping saves thousands of others

Perhaps YOU can save a life!

TIME magazine recently highlighted the silent, tragic epidemic happening in the U.S. where increasing rates of suicides among returned service men and women run at one death a day. 

Since the war in Afghanistan began, the TIME article states, more military personnel have died by suicide than have died in the war.  Overwhelmingly, these suicides have come out of post-traumatic depression.

An option is available today!
While the Veterans Administration Department struggles to stem this tide with too little money, too few staff, and insufficient means,  volunteer EFT practitioners have already helped thousands of U.S. combat veterans to stay alive through recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which has no official cure.

Established military healthcare providers have so far not accepted EFT as a treatment, despite case studies and many solid scientific studies documenting this remarkable breakthrough in emotional health care.

See EFT at work
EFT treatment is illustrated graphically in the movie documentary ‘Operation Emotional Freedom – The Answer’ (available to view or buy at www.operation-emotionalfreedom.com ).  The movie follows several severely traumatised vets through their progress with EFT practitioners.

If you are interested in the care of stressed veterans – and their stressed families – or others touched by the lasting stresses of military exposure and war, please tell them about this option to suffering.

The newsletter of the film’s producer, Eric Hurre, is available in archive from http://www.aweber/archive//opemofree

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