EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a science-backed natural therapy for accelerated stress relief.


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EFT explained

Feel Better with EFT

EFT is a complementary stress relief system.  It’s an acupressure and mindfulness method.  In a simple way it blends ancient Chinese acupuncture wisdom (but no needles) with modern psychology, neuroscience and energetics.

Worldwide, millions of people use tapping for themselves, children and pets and/or they consult qualified EFT practitioners. You finger tap on several selected acupuncture points on your upper body to neutralise stresses involved in a huge variety of problems… which can shift often faster than you may expect.  More than 300 scientific studies in 7 countries demonstrate EFT’s effectiveness. 

My mission is to help alleviate suffering as fast as possible, to promote inspired living and thriving.

Author of "tapping your troubles away with eft"

Annie’s book on EFT Tapping teaches you the basics in how to get the most out of this amazing method to immediately soothe both your energy system and your brain: your mind, body and spirit. READ MORE

Celebs Tap for Wellness

Celebrities & EFT

 EFT not surprisingly being promoted by celebrities, sports stars and news reports worldwide



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Private Sessions

In just one hour of tapping in an online private session you can both let go of stress; and also learn to daily reduce your stress levels AND support your body.
Contact Annie to secure a time and prepay for your session online.

what to expect

A tapping session is an experience that often ends with the client saying, ‘I feel lighter!’  Lifting a stress load this way involves sitting at a table (or in front of your computer, tablet or smartphone) with me, your practitioner.  Clients receive brief tuition on tapping (for self-use also) and discuss the problems they want help with.  During the in-depth transformation session/s, the practitioner taps on herself to show the client what to do and say, over a series of tapping steps that enable layers of often hidden stress to release.

The FREEDOM BREAKTROUGH PACKAGE provides a 5-session (pre-pay for only 4) program for relieving problem emotions, mindsets, physical sensations.


An Adelaide live EFT INTERNATIONAL-approved Certificate Level 1 weekend training course will be held on 6 – 7 March next, COVID permitting.

Book early, numbers limited. 

what to expect

EFT INTERNATIONAL is a professional association standardising EFT training worldwide. I can teach you this amazing technique so you can join the fast-growing holistic health industry or just to increase your skills for yourself, family, friends.  Both lay people and health professionals train in EFT. Many health professionals add some EFT to their own skills.

Becoming a Certified EFT INTERNATIONAL Practitioner involves completing the Levels 1 and 2 in a 2-day training course, passing an online exam, and completing an intensive Practitioner Training Course in your own time within a year. Further training is available later. This certification enables you to work as an EFT Practitioner in any country whose laws allow complementary practices. See disclaimer here 


private sessions

Both EFT and Matrix can be included in the same session, as well as be booked separately.

eft Tapping

EFT tapping is a gentle and powerful stress-buster. A tapping session is an experience that often ends with the client saying, ‘I feel lighter!’ 

Matrix Reimprinting

This is an innovative adaptation of Emotional Freedom Techniques that can also dramatically improve health and wellbeing, emotionally and physically.


The leading-edge modality of EFT meridian therapy has a place in regression, dreamwork, spiritual exploration and subtle energy balancing. 90+ minute sessions.

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1. Email to secure a time.

2. Choose and prepay for a session or your preferred session package online.

Feel better with EFT

benefits from losing stress

(even hidden)

Inner Peace


Pain Relief




Relief from

Effective use of EFT tapping for


These top worldwide health problems are tappable, as thousands of personal reports of newfound peace demonstrate.  A little instruction on how to tap gifts you with a quick daily help for lowering anxiety levels yourself.  Serious problems require persistence with qualified EFT practitioners, but tapping relief is still faster than with many other therapies.


EFT’s gentle, safe and faster techniques for feeling better often bring immediate improvement to painful or fearful feelings, about the past, present or future. Even beginners can help themselves.  EFT practitioners provide in-depth help.  

Studies show that one hour of EFT tapping calms the brain’s fear centre, reduces the stress hormone cortisol by 24%, and turns on 72 beneficial genes.


Perhaps you’re suffering trauma from accident, domestic violence, sexual abuse, loss of home, natural disaster; or from relationship difficulties, financial distress, adverse childhood experiences?

In this trauma-informed practice, you can receive experienced support to access this safe and fast method for gently neutralising effects of trauma – even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.   EFT’s leading-edge trauma-clearing methods attract worldwide clinical attention.

self sabotage

Do you wonder why you keep self-sabotaging?  Procrastinating, thinking negatively, constantly putting yourself down, being a perfectionist, sabotaging relationships… You can change these habits through EFT tapping. Self-sabotaging comes out of past unresolved events of emotional pain. Tapping can gently heal a painful event in minutes, so that you spontaneously change your mind (and heart feelings) for the better.


Everyone goes through stages of being stopped, held back and not knowing what to do next. It can feel as though there is no way out.  This is depressing.  Perhaps it’s timing, but often it comes from some experience being incomplete, as with an unresolved relationship, work or family situations. Tapping done correctly can release stuckness.


Chronic pain and ill health symptoms can dominate your life. Modern pain research acknowledges that your thoughts and emotions play a major part in causing or contributing to physical pain levels – whatever the diagnosis — although you may not realise this. 

EFT’s stress relief methods relax body, mind and heart, promoting overall physical improvement.


Tapping can melt away old limitations and free up your potentials in surprising ways. Even lifelong negative beliefs (e.g. ’I’m not good enough’) may be upgraded for more confidence and expansion in your life, your dreams and your goals.  Tapping empowers you to move ahead past fears and doubts, instead of letting them stop you.


Fear of public speaking, exam nerves, learning difficulties, stage fright, writer’s block — performance blocks in sports, entertainment, business or teaching – these may all be tapped away. One cause could be painful performance experiences earlier in life, which tapping can neutralise gently and safely. Other causes may also be released.


Phobias typically dissolve with EFT’s gentle fast methods, whether you’re an office worker who can’t use lifts or stand heights, a traveller afraid of flying, or someone afraid of water, animals, crowds, spiders, blood, etc. Avoiding such dangers can involve a lot of energy, worry and time you could spend enjoying life.


Meet Annie

  • EFT INTERNATIONAL Master Trainer and Advanced Practitioner,
  • EFT UNIVERSE Int-1 Practitioner,
  • Matrix Reimprinting with EFT Practitioner,
  • Alpha Repatterning with EFT Practitioner,
  • Psych-K facilitator.
  • Author of ‘Tapping Your Troubles Away with EFT’, plus contributor to the U.S. EFT textbook ‘The EFT Handbook’, Vol.1.
  • Tapping Out of Trauma Certificate (Dr Craig Weiner)
  • Evidence-based EFT for Trauma Relief and Resiliency Certificate (Dr. Lori Leyden)

Hello and welcome to my website!

I’m passionate about making life happier for others (and me), and I find EFT tapping is just the best for this:  firstly, because it works, often fast, secondly because it can be DIY for all of us at a basic level, thirdly because its expertise skills neutralise trauma gently and quickly and so bring actual major change for the better.

In my more than 30 years’ experience in the holistic natural therapies field, I’ve specialised in EFT since 2008. Overall I’ve helped thousands of people to feel better permanently, including in my 20 years as a transpersonal rebirthing practitioner/trainer. I also love being with my friends, being in Nature, laughing, reading, and lots more good things…

hear from others

eft works

Since Level 1 I have worked on physical pain and fatigue successfully.  Also, I have shifted a huge resentment I felt towards my father, and things have been much better since.  I’ve worked on acceptance of myself the way I am right now (rather than always trying to be something different) and have also tapped on releasing a spiritual block, which also seems to have worked. I’ve even given my Dad and Grandad a photocopy of the tapping points and told them about tapping and they are using it often and getting positive results!  I can’t wait for LEVEL 2 !


Tapping is amazing in its ability to make visible change. And you are a master!  I am resolving things that I worked on for so many years with other personal growth techniques that seemed to work but never made any lasting change – and the issue kept coming back.  But with you I feel I have finally managed to get underneath them to the real problem.  I now have my own business.

Business Woman

Annie is a very highly experienced Practitioner and I have had fantastic results seeing her through her Freedom Breakthrough Packages. She uses many different techniques in her sessions and has a huge set of skills to use to help her clients. EFT is so easy and simple and you learn the technique during your sessions to use at home or whenever you need to. I can highly recommend Annie for anyone with any issues that they would like to let go of, addictions, anxiety, chronic pain, illnesses, family issues and so on. It is much more gentle and easy than counselling

Sales Manager


Please read this disclaimer before exploring this site.

EFT does not claim to diagnose or cure, it simply enables stress release to support natural improvement.  Consult your doctor or psychiatrist on medical or mental health issues. Read More

DISCUSS YOUR NEEDS if necessary prior to booking


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