Do you know that many people whose X-rays show skeletal damage have no pain, while many others with identical X-rayed conditions daily battle terrible pain for years?

Surprisingly — modern clinical experience shows that unresolved emotions and traumas can play a major part in maintaining or even creating physical pain.

The sufferer may or may not realise which emotions or situations are subconsciously involved, as cases are individual. Commonly, it’s anger — anger that people have not known how to let go.

World pain expert Dr. John Sarno has said, ‘Accumulated anger is rage, and frightening, unconscious rage leads to the development of physical symptoms.’

These findings are a clear message that chronic pain may not be inevitable…however long you’ve had it, and — surprisingly — regardless of the diagnosed cause.

Evidence-based EFT tapping

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) is an evidence-based stress relief practice that is also proving this new finding.

Tapping dissolves anger and other stressful emotions, quickly and safely.

Pain sufferers around the world report their pain reducing or vanishing after EFT acupressure treatment with the help of qualified EFT practitioners — and sometimes by tapping administered by themselves after brief tuition.

U.S. doctor Alain Seligman says, ‘One of my patients with fibromyalgia began using EFT, and seven weeks later was free of all symptoms, and remained so.’

(For new pain, see your doctor.  Chronic pain is pain that has lasted for 12 weeks or more.)

How does EFT achieve pain relief?   

This unusual benefit comes about by identifying and tapping to release stress involved in root emotional cause/s of the physical suffering.

(EFT also commonly dissolves lesser aches and pains without needing to do deeper work . But chronic pain needs more understanding of how to use this science-backed therapeutic modality. )

Tapping class banished pain

Three chronic pain sufferers attended a small class of mine on how to relieve chronic pain.

One had shoulder pain she’d continually suffered over 30 years, one had back pain, and one had a recurring knee pain that threatened her with collapse even after a series of operations.

Two hours into the class, there was no pain in the room.  

Attendees had taken part in both one-to-one processes and group tapping, and were learning how to deal with their own pain.  Most importantly, they had learned that if the pain returned, they had more work to do on resolving past emotional stress.

If DIY tapping doesn’t work for you, it makes sense to session with a qualified EFT practitioner, either near you in person, or online anywhere.

‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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