In a panic attack, you can feel as though you’re dying. It’s terrifying.

Not only can’t you breathe properly, but you may be sweating, shaking, choking, feeling sick, and your heart is racing. You may find yourself in a hospital emergency room.

The attack seems to have come out of nowhere.

Clearly your body is sending you a strong message — but what’s the code? What is the message?

Well, according to Emotional Freedom Techniques — which is a natural healing system you can easily learn and apply for yourself at times like this — you actually know the message. You just have not let yourself recognise it.
So your body has sent you a wakeup signal.

Is there a solution?

A panic attack is a message

EFT practitioner Julie Schiffman works at Dr. Joseph Mercola’s Centre for Natural Health in Chicago. Julie says, ‘A panic attack is usually a message from your system that you are avoiding some issue you need to deal with, instead of ignoring it.’


‘But what can that be?’ you might say, batting your eyelids innocently.

Think. What is deeply upsetting you? What has been too hard to look at? What threatens something about the way your life is? What change do you need to consider?

What feelings have you been stuffing down about this –probably for a long time?

Finding out can be as simple as asking yourself, ‘What was happening in my life just before — or a while before — the panic attack/s began?’
Whatever the situation, you can start to handle it too with the basic simple EFT acupressure routine.

More than 100 scientific studies demonstrate how EFT can accomplish remarkable progress in a very short time, even for people with a history of trauma.

Two tapping steps to peace

  • First you can tap to lower the body symptoms. You fingertap on 9 specific acupuncture points while you start with a few simple words, such as, ‘Even though I feel scared because my heart is racing, I accept myself anyway,’ or ‘Even though I feel I’m dying, I accept myself anyway,’ or ‘Even though I feel sick and I’m shaking, I accept myself anyway.’ Typically, a few quick tapping rounds will start to calm you down. Or you can call a friend who knows some EFT, and s/he can guide you to tap over the phone or on Skype. Or you can consult an experienced EFT practitioner.
  • Next step  Getting to the cause.   When you are calm and ready to consider what the ultimate emotional cause of the attack might be, you can then have EFT help to identify that situation, and to neutralise it via tapping.
    EFT assistance will be faster and gentler than you expect.  And it’s safe.  You can consult an experienced EFT practitioner. You can also take a basic training course, even an advanced training course.

As Dr. Deepak Chopra says:   ‘EFT offers great healing benefits.’


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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