Could a person tap on his or her body and lose depression?  Impossible?  An Australian university study demonstrated that the acupressure method called Emotional Freedom Techniques  (EFT tapping) is definitely an option for banishing depression.

Dr. Peta Stapleton and her research team at Bond University carried out a feasibility pilot study on the stress release technique EFT with Australian adults of various ages who had been medically diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder.  EFT is a focussed acupressure-based method..

How would you know you are depressed?

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition, the main features of a Major Depressive Disorder include:

  • a depressed mood experienced almost every day
  • diminished pleasure
  • difficulty sleeping
  • feelings of worthlessness
  • difficulty concentrating

These symptoms must be experienced over at least a 2-week period. and not be due to substance abuse or any other medical issue.

One in 7 Australians reportedly experience depression, and many of these people are at risk of suicide.

How did the study work?

In this study, EFT certified practitioners conducted 8 Clinical EFT sessions of 2 hours each over 8 consecutive weeks, and participants were expected to use their EFT techniques daily.

In addition,  participants were encouraged to use what they were learning of Clinical EFT to deal daily with any other issues troubling them.

The report states:  ‘These could range from self-esteem issues to anger, difficulties with their partner, or any other difficulties that were experienced. As the sessions progressed, each participant indicated to the researcher that they felt better, and visually appeared to have an altered demeanour and outlook.’


Despite the facts that:

a) depressed people usually have difficulty with motivation and concentration, and

b) this was a group project rather than a 1-to-1 project

–  at the end of the study, all participants reported overall improvement, plus 2 people among the 11 participants who started no longer met criteria for Major Depressive Disorder, and their improvements still held three months later.  No depression!

How significant are these pilot study results?

Major – when you know that the World Health Association predicts that by 2030, depression will be the No. 1 health problem around the world.

Dr. Stapleton says, ‘Clinical EFT is a simple therapy, which may be administered at any time.

‘As depression is a growing concern among the population and current therapy is not universally effective, this may be an alternative therapy for those who are unmotivated, fatigued, and experiencing financial hardship.’


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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