It’s night-time. Your body and mind will soon need several hours of regenerating rest. But will you get to sleep? Or if you get to sleep, will you wake up and toss and turn? Being sleep-deprived is no fun.

People become desperate if they continually can’t get enough sleep. It tends to color every thought and action in daily life in ways you regret… anger, impatience, bad decisions, low energy – that is, stress.

And that makes it hard, maybe impossible, to live up to your potential.

But you have a good chance of returning to normal vitality if you learn the basics of how to do the fast meridian-balancing self-help technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

This requires you to tap on key points on your face and body while you say a few words. Thousands of people afflicted with insomnia now use this acupressure system to relax into life-sustaining sleep.

How can tapping make you sleep?

Literally, tapping on yourself would keep you awake. But there’s more to it.

First you need to learn how to do EFT. You can learn that in an hour with an EFT specialist (I work in person in Adelaide, or by phone of Skype) or from a book (mine is called ‘Tapping Your Troubles Away with EFT’, available online at

It’s important to realise that the answer to sleeplessness will be individual to YOU. We can generalise, as below, and that may be enough.

But if that doesn’t solve the problem, then you need to know more about yourself in that situation, so you can release the particular energy disruption that is keeping you from sleep, whether this is physical, mental, or emotional.

One or two disturbed nights are bad enough, but if you’re seriously sleep-deprived, this will impact on your health, including your immune system, and maybe ultimately on your relationships and your work-income security.

What can you do?

So you start by examining why you can’t sleep.

Before sleep
Will too much light or sound interfere?
Or are you experiencing physical pain?
Or are you worrying?
Or don’t you know why you can’t sleep?

Room distraction This is the common sense level. Are there bright lights or noise? Are you too hot, too cold? Is the bed uncomfortable? Do what you can to remedy that – or go to another room.

Pain   You may learn to apply EFT tapping to reduce or eliminate physical pain that keeps you awake, whatever the diagnosis. That can take a little extra tuition – but not much, to start with. (My book contains a chapter on working with physical symptoms. Even beginners may achieve surprising success.)

Worry, anxiety If you know what you’re anxious about, you can apply EFT tapping to neutralise your anxiety before you feel sleepy. Reaching peace of mind before bedtime may dissolve the sleep block.

Don’t know why? Here you may need the experience of an EFT coach to identify and deal with probable causes, because they may be outside your current experience.

For example, many, many people come to a time in adulthood when, for no apparent reason, a former trauma is triggered simply by lying down, and the body re-alerts to danger. But their minds don’t consciously know what is going on.

Trying to sleep in bed:
So here you are in bed ready to nod off, but it’s not happening. You’re desperately sleepy – or you think you should be — but sleep won’t come. If you tapped on yourself now, that would wake you up more.

Here’s some additional surprising news – you can often get good results by IMAGINING you are doing the tapping process. Lots of tappers find that they start to lose consciousness after a few rounds of imagining they are tapping on the meridian release points while they’re thinking the relevant words. They start with a basic EFT statement (thought-ment): ‘Even though I can’t get to sleep, and that makes me feel ________________, I accept myself.’ There is a reason this can work, but I won’t go into that now.

When you learn to use EFT to tap yourself back into healthy and comfortable balance in any area of life, not just for being sleep-deprived, you are learning a technique you can use on just about any personal problem, for the rest of your life.

Happy tapping!

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