Tapping for Stress Relief

Grief doesn’t happen only for a person (or pet) who has died.  People may be grieving over divorce, over big financial loss, over the loss of a cherished way of life, over the loss of land they grew up with — or over specific traumas such as illness, including loss of a body part, a foetus, motherhood, health — or over a deathbed trauma.

Now there is a quick, easy way to dissolve grief that gets stuck. It’s never too early to start letting go of an emotional wound.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a remarkable self-help technique, science-backed and evidence based..  It relieves stress, pain and suffering, often faster than you might think possible. You can learn to do it yourself at a basic level quite quickly.

‘Staying in grief proves my love’  ???

Some people have the idea that the strength and length of their grief and loss process demonstrate the extent of  their love for the dead person, be that a baby, child, relative, friend, or favourite dog.  But actually, all that ongoing grief does is to continually bring down the griever, often into depression, and even into physical illness.  Nobody benefits.  Surely the lost person would not wish continual suffering on the one left behind?

How can EFT help with grieving?

Grief has different faces, including anger and guilt as well as sadness.  A mourner might feel angry that the person left, or died;  perhaps there is guilt for actions done or not done.

EFT targets each emotion separately, and quickly reduces the intensity of each.  If an EFT beginner cannot get significant results, that’s a time to get help from an experienced EFT practitioner.

This simple method of tapping on meridian endpoints on the skin soothes the amygdala portion of the brain, (our fear centre),  according to research at Harvard Medical School.  At the same time, the tapping soothes the body’s electromagnetic meridian energy system, also disrupted by stress.

This stress reduction effect is permanent when carried out correctly.

As an EFT coach I often deal with people who are grieving for people they have lost, either recently or years ago.

As the burden of stuck emotions clears away in a one-hour session, the client begins spontaneously to focus on happier memories of the lost person, truly honoring the value of the relationship.

Have you made a destructive decision?

Also, EFT’s many techniques can quickly and gently free up limiting mindsets that frequently take hold around bereavement, such as  ‘I could have saved him/her’, ‘I let people down’, and even  ‘I’ll never love again’.

Grief and loss don’t need to be an insurmountable burden, although they may feel like that.  If you have not tried EFT, you may not believe this.  Why not try it?


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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