When an interviewer asked the late astrophysicist Stephen Hawking about the prospects

                               of intelligent life beyond Earth, the professor replied that he hoped it existed — adding wryly,

                                                                              ‘There isn’t much sign of it on Earth…’ 

Getting smarter and feeling better – does this tempt you?  If you use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping  while you’re hooked up to biofeedback equipment, you’ll see biological changes that actually boost your brainpower.     

Field studies with biofeedback show exactly what happens in your brain when you are using EFT tapping, which balances your meridian energy system and calms your brain’s fear centre.

Science already knows that a buildup of stress undermines memory and concentration.  ( ‘Am I getting Alzheimers?’)

A solution to that problem could be to reduce your anxieties.  Millions of people around the world are now using the acupressure method  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) to do just this, either as random or daily self-help, or with the assistance of qualified EFT practitioners for serious problems.

In tapping a round of EFT, which may take 30 seconds, yo focus on a specific personal difficulty while you fingertap on your head and upper body.  You may repeat such rounds a few times until the specific stress has faded away.

Biofeedback monitors EFT sessions

US biofeedback expert Gary Groesbeck  found ‘many amazing changes for the better taking place in real time’   when he and naturopath Donna Bach conducted a study of EEG brainwave measurements with volunteers while they worked with EFT practitioners, including the founder of EFT, Gary Craig.

One of their findings was:  ‘a movement towards a more brain optimal function’. This revealing demonstration occurred while volunteers were — quickly — reducing their stress levels with this acupressure-and-mindfulness technique, which also relieves pain, suffering and limitations.

Biofeedback is based on the practice of brainwave monitoring, heart rate measuring, and the monitoring of other biological functions of the body, for the purpose of boosting performance and assisting in the improvement of mental and physical health.

Taming the ‘monkey mind’

Researchers found that even a single round of EFT tapping began to release the ‘monkey mind’ band of anxiety in the brain.  This happened faster than if the person were simply to relax.

Biofeedback monitoring demonstrated that ‘worrying releases beautifully as emotional issues are released through tapping.’  This included anxieties from negative thinking, as well as from a possible addiction history.

EFT tapping is a way for you to improve brainpower for yourself,  while at the same time to gently become free of stressful emotions you may have felt for years.

4 brainwave results of tapping verified

1. TAMING THE ‘MONKEY MIND’.  This band of anxiety in the brain (negative worrying and a possible history of addictions) ‘releases beautifully as emotional issues are released through tapping’ according to the researchers.   They found that even a single round of EFT tapping began to release the ‘monkey mind’.

2. RELAXATION.  Within a single round of tapping, a reduction in brain energy occurred faster than in just a simple relaxation period.

3. COOPERATION.  An increase in brainwave symmetry meant that both sides of the brain were beginning to work together in a more balanced manner.

4.  WHOLE BRAIN FUNCTION.  Release of emotional issues during sessions showed ‘some very rapid and significant changes in the overall brainwave patterns, and a movement towards a more brain optimal function.

So – boosting your brainpower?  Does it tempt you?  Try EFT tapping!


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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