pink ribbonNew Australian medical research on breast cancer strongly suggests that STRESS drives existing cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body.  Links between stress and cancer flag the topic of EFT tapping, which millions of people worldwide now use to lessen or eliminate effects of stress.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) has a phenomenal track record in bringing relief to emotional, mental and physical stress. You can learn to do it for yourself, and/or have EFT practitioner help.

EFT tapping is a twenty-two-year-old acupressure-and-mindfulness healing aid now backed by scientific studies, and rated ‘evidence-based’ by the conservative American Psychological Association.

While the Australian medical research by a team at Monash University have so far done their breast cancer studies on stressed mice, the implications of their discoveries about cancer cells for humans are obvious.

‘A superhighway for cancer cells’

Alice Donaldson, of Australian ABC TV’s ‘Catalyst’ team, says that ‘stress can turn the body’s lymphatic system into a super highway for breast cancer cells, allowing the cancer to spread more rapidly.’

Researchers recorded six times more spread of cancer in stressed mice compared to control mice.

Following success with medication for mestasasis in mice – the spread of cancer from an original tumour —  a medical team is trialling a common prescription drug containing beta-blockers to calm the stress of recently diagnosed women before cancer surgery.

Cancer diagnosis/treatment is obviously a massive stressor in itself.

Also, stress therapists believe that for many cancer patients, this trauma is added to an already stressed mind-body system.  Most people are carrying mental and physical effects from unresolved life stresses, often even if they think, ‘I’ve got over that.’

Brainscans show beneficial changes

I’m an EFT tapping coach and trainer.  I frequently hear my clients and students say, ‘I had NO IDEA I still felt like that!’  This is after I’ve guided them to uncover and neutralise leftover emotional stresses from anywhere in their lives.

Not only do people commonly report feeling ‘lighter’ after a tapping release, as though they have shed a load, but physical tests support this sensation.

Monitoring systems such as brainscans, live blood tests and biofeedback have demonstrated beneficial physical changes after tapping treatments.

This could be a good reason to neutralise ‘diagnosis trauma’  (and other related traumas) with EFT tapping if you develop a serious illness.

As it’s well known that stress weakens both the immune system and body function generally, EFT is recommended by health authorities such as Dr. Joseph Mercola, whose No. #1 natural health website has more than 1 million subscribers.

Reprogamming your circuitry

Dr Mercola says, ‘Energy psychology techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can be very effective for reducing anxiety by correcting the bioelectrical short-circuiting that causes your body’s reactions—without adverse effects.

‘You can think of EFT as a tool for “reprogramming” your circuitry, and it works on both real and imagined stressors.

‘Chronic anxiety, like stress, is very damaging to your mental and physical health, temporarily shutting down your immune system.

‘Long-term anxiety raises your risk for depression, hypertension, hormone imbalance, cancer, and many other serious health problems.’

‘When is EFT applicable?’

Dr. Mercola adds, ‘The list of stress-related health problems is long and growing longer all the time.’

This list includes inflammation, blood pressure, altered brain chemistry, blood sugar, hormone balance, an increased risk of cancer and tumor growth rate, and much more.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  report that 85 percent of all disease has an emotional element (and this is probably a conservative estimate).

Tapping your troubles away from your body’s bioelectrical systems with EFT is a choice that has existed only for the last twenty years.

What if it could clear your life path for the next twenty years, or more?



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