Small business can be pleasure or struggle—but more and more people are taking it up.  Did you know that one in four Australian business people are self-employed?  Australia has around 2.1 million small businesses.

While the independence feels wonderful, this choice brings its own stresses.  So you might be interested to learn about a secret weapon that millions of people worldwide use to make their lives easier.

This is not a weapon to fight other people with.  It’s a way to reduce or eliminate what’s difficult for you right now… and for the rest of your life.

Here’s what Huffington Post writer Brian Horn had to say about EFT tapping and business.   ‘According to many tapping students, EFT has resulted in bigger thinking, more action, stronger financial states, career growth, and increased satisfaction with life.’

U.S. business tapping coach Margaret M. Lynch, author of ‘Tapping into Wealth’,  says that when it comes to making more money and creating more financial success, ‘to see the whole story you must look at your mind/body/money connections’.  She has proven EFT  tapping technique’s usefulness in business by tapping her way to create a 6-figure international organisation..

What does EFT tapping do?

The brilliant skill I’m going to share with you here could do wonders for your business life, as it has for many others.  You’ve always been able to use it — you just didn’t know that. You can do things you don’t know you can do!  And you need only a little tuition, not a college course.

To deal with business or personal worries and promote business inspiration, your secret weapon is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping).

This is an amazing science-and-research-backed acupressure  technique for letting go of stressful thoughts and emotions that block success, also of stressful body sensations that often accompany them. You can easily learn and apply this remedy to free up for yourself just about any troubling work situation — or personal situation.  (And we can’t help bringing our personal worries to work, can we?)

‘Tapping’ means briefly fingertapping on key acupuncture points on your head, upper body and hands, while you focus a few words on one problem at a time.  Amazingly — doing this changes stressful emotions into peace,  worry mindsets into possibility mindsets.  How?

Acupressure has been proven by Harvard Medical School researchers to calm the brain’s fear centre, as well as settle the nervous system, calm breathing, heartrate and sweating.

Business people all over the world have reported lots of ways they’ve improved their work life and even their business productivity with this secret weapon.  Releasing stress can remove success blocks, and enable us to see new possibilities and find new opportunities.

Why a ‘secret’ weapon?

Nobody’s suggesting you tap in public!  Tapping on yourself and talking to yourself does look a bit strange.  We know the world is not ready for that, although there are EFT tips on how to de-stress anonymously in public.

But in a crisis at work, lots of people rush off to the rest room or their car to tap a few rounds of EFT privately, to bring their stress down quickly so they can think clearly under pressure.  Later they can choose their time and place to tap for deeper results, or they book a session about the situation with an EFT practitioner.

‘Will tapping work for me?’

Even as a tapping beginner, you can expect a minimum of success 50% of the times you use this technique to lose a worry, a fear, an anger that clouds your judgement.

With a little more knowledge you can win even more. EFT practitioners, after years of study and experience, typically rate their EFT successes with clients in the high 90%s.

As a success-minded professional, you already know what difficulties you could use some help with.   Are any of them here?

You could:

  • relieve your stress
  • relieve work-related physical pain
  • ease workplace conflict
  • heighten your business vision and move on it
  • improve business performance (e.g. cold calling reluctance)
  • build your self confidence
  • clear away lifetime habits of self doubt, procrastination, self-sabotage
  • empower your goal-getting
  • identify and dissolve limiting beliefs that hold you and your business back
  • dissolve burnout
  • lose fear of flying
  • lose fear of public speaking
  • and more.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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Then you might:

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