How does EFT tapping rewire your brain?

Did you know you can evolve — or rewire — your brain ON PURPOSE?  If you think your life experience needs improvement, explore Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping).

Modern research shows that your thoughts, feelings and experiences (real or imagined) are constantly rewiring your brain anyway.  Read more

Mind Reading Robotic Arm for Paralysed Woman

Yes, the disabled can IMAGINE tapping for inner peace!

For 14 years,  Kathy Hutchinson had been unable to do anything for herself, since a stroke.  Now, thanks to science, she is pioneering a new robotic aid.

When she sits staring at a bottled drink with a straw, imagining a robot arm seizing the bottle and conveying it to her mouth — the robot does her bidding! 

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EFT Tapping Halts Rapid Ageing


Regular tappers will like this!

A pioneering scientific study soon to be published in the U.S.  Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (Oct. 2012) found that one hour of EFT tapping lowered the stress ‘master’ hormone cortisol, significantly more than other interventions tested.

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Are You Intelligent?

EFT tapping can improve brain power!


When an interviewer asked famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking about the prospects of intelligent life beyond Earth, the professor replied that he hoped it existed — adding wryly, ‘There isn’t much sign of it on Earth…’ ***

Do you think you are intelligent? 

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