EFT tapping relieves the stresses on gifted children


Gifted children can suffer from special stresses because of their gifts, and this can hold them back from demonstrating their amazing potentials.  Some gifted children are successfully using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) to quickly overcome their stresses, in a program from New York State University

Dr.  Read more

Worried about worrying? Try EFT tapping


worried woman

If you’re often anxious, that’s a worry in itself. You’re not alone in that.  Anxiety as a response to stress is close to being the world’s No. 1 health problem these days.

Two-thirds of visits to doctors are because of stress.  Read more

Angry words?  Heart risk factors make EFT tapping attractive

Words said (or shouted) in anger can hurt your arteries as well as your feelings, say University of Utah researchers targeting anger issues in couples relationships.

Researchers  videotaped 150 married couples in 6-minute conversations about money, in-laws and other stressful topics.  Read more

Do you procrastinate? Try EFT Tapping

Millions of people put things off — and off — and off.  But there are often consequences.  You can lose great opportunities this way, lose friends, lose jobs, lose money.  Can a person stop procrastinating?

Yes, say EFT tappers.  Emotional Freedom Techniques is an easy-to-learn-and-use technique for getting to ultimate causes of personal problems and neutralising them.    Read more

New hope for serious illnesses? Radical findings involve childhood trauma

worried woman

How could your major illness possibly be involved with something bad that happened to you as a child, up to 18? Surprisingly, modern researchers suggest that following this lead could hold promise for you.

In the world’s largest ongoing scientific study connecting serious illness with childhood trauma, the major finding  is that, undeniably, unresolved childhood traumatic events  are associated with ALL the primary adult health and behaviour risks or diseases.  Read more

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