Do you procrastinate? Try EFT Tapping

Millions of people put things off — and off — and off.  But there are often consequences.  You can lose great opportunities this way, lose friends, lose jobs, lose money.  Can a person stop procrastinating?

Yes, say EFT tappers.  Emotional Freedom Techniques is an easy-to-learn-and-use technique for getting to ultimate causes of personal problems and neutralising them.    Read more

‘Almost depressed’? 5 ways to tell. Time to tap!


Do you suffer from ‘the blues’, periodically or always?  If so, you – or a loved one – may not be depressed enough to warrant medical treatment.  Yet ongoing unhappiness is proven to be threatening your physical health — for example, both your heart health, and your immune system’s ability to fight off ailments such as the common cold.  Read more

Self Defeating Beliefs Vanish Fast with EFT Tapping

Enjoy the new you in action!

‘You are not controlled by your genes, you are controlled by your beliefs,’ says a pioneer of the new biology, Dr. Bruce Lipton.  And, if you don’t like what you believe, you can probably change it easily, through the acupressure technique called EFT tapping.

  Read more

The ‘I’m-an-Impostor Syndrome’ undermines successful people

This undermining thought pattern is far more widespread than you might think. No matter what the undeniable facts are, or how huge the measure of acclaim, many successful people find themselves thinking ‘I shouldn’t be here, I don’t deserve this.’

Because of course they hardly ever talk about this, we haven’t known just how common this syndrome is, until recent  psychological research.  Read more

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