Are You Too Sensitive?  Try EFT tapping!

Are you someone who feels emotions deeply, and can’t hide this?  Do you feel the suffering of others?  Have people told you, ‘You’re just too sensitive, let it go!’

If so, perhaps you are one of the 20% of humans who fit the sensitive temperament profile now accepted by mainstream psychology.  Read more

Is chronic pain inevitable? Maybe not, try EFT tapping

Do you know that many people whose X-rays show skeletal damage have no pain, while many others with identical X-rayed conditions daily battle terrible pain for years?

Surprisingly — modern clinical experience shows that unresolved emotions and traumas can play a major part in maintaining or even creating physical pain.  Read more

Worried about worrying? Try EFT tapping


If you’re often anxious, that’s a worry in itself. You’re not alone in that.  Anxiety as a response to stress is close to being the world’s No. 1 health problem these days.

Two-thirds of visits to doctors are because of stress.  Read more

Angry words?  Heart risk factors make EFT tapping attractive

Words said (or shouted) in anger can hurt your arteries as well as your feelings, say University of Utah researchers targeting anger issues in couples relationships.

Researchers  videotaped 150 married couples in 6-minute conversations about money, in-laws and other stressful topics.  Read more

How does EFT tapping rewire your brain?

Did you know you can evolve — or rewire — your brain ON PURPOSE?  If you think your life experience needs improvement, explore Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping).

Modern research shows that your thoughts, feelings and experiences (real or imagined) are constantly rewiring your brain anyway.  Read more

Breast cancer, stress — and EFT tapping release

pink ribbonNew Australian medical research on breast cancer strongly suggests that STRESS drives existing cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body.  Links between stress and cancer point towards a possibility of using evidence-based EFT tapping to release stress.  

Millions of people worldwide now use this acupressure technique to lessen or eliminate effects of stress, in illness or in health.  Read more

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