New hope for serious illnesses? Radical findings involve childhood trauma

worried woman

How could your major illness possibly be involved with something bad that happened to you as a child, up to 18? Surprisingly, modern researchers suggest that following this lead could hold promise for you.

In the world’s largest ongoing scientific study connecting serious illness with childhood trauma, the major finding  is that, undeniably, unresolved childhood traumatic events  are associated with ALL the primary adult health and behaviour risks or diseases.  Read more

Breast cancer, stress — and EFT tapping stress release

pink ribbonNew Australian medical research on breast cancer strongly suggests that STRESS drives existing cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body.  Links between stress and cancer flag the topic of EFT tapping, which millions of people worldwide now use to lessen or eliminate effects of stress.  Read more

Family Breakup

Grief can be lifted, faster than you think

‘Time heals all,’ they say.  Unfortunately,  it doesn’t.  We just get resigned to our hurts, perhaps years later.  But there is now a simple, better way to peace!   It’s an acupressure technique called EFT tapping.  Read more

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