‘Not pretending, not folding herself small to fit in someone else’s grasp…’  Novelist Marina Endicott


How to start finding yourself is the great new adventure!   ‘Who do you think you are?’ is such a meaningful question that the answer you give has influenced everything in your life – your self-confidence, relationships, work, home, even your health.

If you don’t like what’s happening in any of the above areas, you might wish you could start over…  if only!

Yet, now you can!

What do I mean?

Discovering your true self is now a definite possibility, and you’ll love it!   Millions of people are now doing this round the world, either little by little, or with big breakthroughs.   They are doing this by using a fast, easy self-help acupressure technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

EFT is a leading technique among the energy psychology therapies that are daily raising emotional and body healing to new levels around the world.

Do you know your full potential?

You may never have realised the full potential of who you actually are, because of the layers of early conditioning you took on, as everyone does.  If your conditioning was limiting, negative and fearful — and most people get some of that —  you may never have been courageous enough to find out what you are really capable of.

You will judge yourself in ways like these:  ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I can’t do it’,  I’m weak’, ‘I’m not connected’, ‘I’m stupid’, ‘I’m useless’,  ‘I could never (fill in the blank)’.

Well — don’t believe everything you think!

Fast change is possible now

You might be surprised when I say that our thoughts about ourselves can change ‘in the twinkling of an eye’, as somebody said a couple of thousand years back.

Fast change often happens spontaneously, when we experience the new EFT tapping process — now being seen as a leader in ‘fourth wave’ psychotherapy, which includes the body.   As my own EFT practice demonstrates, people are daily healing  hidden pockets of uncomfortable emotions and opinions about themselves that they have harboured for years.

You could discover that such negative thoughts as those I quote above are simply mistakes, not true at all, although they might seem to have proved themselves true.

As we tap away the stresses associated with such limiting views, suddenly we can see and feel startling new views of who or how we really are.  We start finding ourselves.

Most of our fundamental ideas about ourselves began before the age of six, both negative and positive.  But once we get in the habit of downplaying how we ‘have to’ live, it’s easy to keep adopting views of ourselves that hold us back.

‘I’ll always be sad’

Fast change happened in one of my workshops for a woman who had grieved for years over the loss of a family member.

This woman ‘knew the kind of person’ she was.  She had been so shattered by her loss that she said adamantly, ‘I’m going to be sad about him for the rest of my life.’  She could picture herself trudging through all the years ahead burdened by grief.

Yet, after we tapped two rounds of the short EFT procedure, she said in astonishment, ‘I’m not sad!  What happened?’

Changes in the body as stress lets go

Tapping on key release points had balanced this woman’s electro-magnetic system and calmed her brain’s fear centre , to a point where she was suddenly able to let go of stresses she’d carried for a long time. The bereavement that filled her days had been fuelled by an earlier loss, the still unresolved grief of losing a parent when she was a child.

Now she experienced sudden new truths in her body.  Not only relief – but although she did not realize it, also healing physiological changes.  By tapping on herself and saying a few words, she was actually refiguring her body, biochemically, electro-magnetically, and according to neuroscience discoveries, even through her DNA..

Mind-body links have now entered the full glare of scientific scrutiny.  We’re learning the mechanics of exactly how emotional (and even spiritual) relief  can bring physical health, as EFT demonstrates with often stunning results.

Modern scientists say that our bodies change measurably as we change our thinking and our feelings,.  For better or for worse –  biochemically, electro-magnetically, even genetically. (See the book The Genie in Your Genes by Dawson Church PhD.)

Finding yourself can open doors you never dreamed possibleAnd that is exciting!


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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