Millions of people put things off — and off — and off.  But there are often unwanted consequences.  You can lose great opportunities this way, lose friends, lose jobs, lose money. Can a person stop procrastinating?

Yes, say EFT tappers.  Emotional Freedom Techniques is an easy-to-learn-and-use technique for getting to ultimate causes of personal problems and neutralising them.  Tapping?  This is a physical activity that calms your brain and your stress hormone cortisol, making more peace and clarity available.

Chances are, you don’t understand why you procrastinate — so how can you do something about it?

What’s your special procrastination or self-sabotage?   Is this you?

  • show up late for appointments
  • take on too much and then never catch up
  • always running (‘I’ll think about X later’)
  • cheat on diets or exercise programs
  • abuse substances
  • live in clutter
  • lie then try to cover it up

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) not only has ways to gently find the hidden causes of these habits, but also has tools for gently making them fade away.

And you can easily learn to use those tools for yourself, as millions of people are doing around the world.

‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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