Are you depressed and can’t stop worrying about the state of the planet?  About climate change?  Damage to our global environment?  And how blind people are to all this?  Your symptoms may include panic attacks, obsessive thinking, loss of appetite, and insomnia, according to Psychology Today. Clearly, such a dismal focus on what is happening around the globe is not ‘all in your head’.  There are so many dismal facts to fuel overwhelm.  But unchecked, your concerns for the planet and its beings can take over your life and block out positive news, drain your resilience, make you feel hopeless and helpless. A recent article by ecopsychologist Molly S. Castelloe Ph D. in Psychology Today informs us that the International Psychoanalytical Association recognizes climate change as ‘the biggest global health threat of the 21st century’, followed closely by threats of nuclear war. Why wouldn’t you – we – be depressed about this? But when such anxieties and fears take over your personal life and pull you down  — so constantly that your mental health andeven physical health is affected — it’s time to do something for yourself.

How to take the pressure off?

Obviously you can’t wave a magic wand and make the Earth better. But you can help yourself to feel better. You can have more balance and more happiness, more potential to support others, along with your knowledge about our huge environmental crisis. Why evidence-based EFT tapping?  Because of the track record of this acupressure-and-mindfulness technique in lifting anxiety and depression.  Researchers on 20 scientific studies of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping)  for depression found that results were larger than those measured for both antidepressant drug trials and psychotherapy studies.  You can read about that here.

‘What can I expect?

You can have EFT practitioner help for ecoanxiety or ecodepression, either in person, or online wherever you live — and you can also learn how to tap for yourself daily — to start feeling better in much less time than you might expect. When you embark on a tapping program with a qualified EFT practitioner, you may decide to keep your opinion that most other people are in denial of the enormities that you recognise. But you will find it easier to deal with living as your fears and despair lessen, as you are gently and safely guided to let go of the excess stress that is threatening your own wellbeing now. It’s too hard to think about solutions when we are overwhelmed with worries and grief for the planet. Clearing the emotions that are stressing you – or bringing hope back to the numbness of depression – may even enable you to find a way to help make an environmental difference yourself. Tapping relieves stress and promotes thriving on all levels of being:  emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual.  It is a natural therapy you can use naturally to help yourself first… then figure out how to help the planet.

‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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