I found this fascinating account in my EFT archives from EFT founder Gary Craig in 2006. The late EFT Master Patricia Carrington Ph. D. tells the story of Dutchman ‘Hans’ and his physiotherapist/EFT newbie Jan Scholtes. I have paraphrased.


      ‘”Hans’ was an outpatient in a hospital in Holland. He had long suffered from severely impaired blood circulation in his legs. In futile attempts to correct this situation Hans had had 5 bypass operations, yet was still in excruciating continuous pain in his left leg. At a loss, his surgeon had advised him to have the leg amputated.

      ‘Hans was not mentally ready for this. He had been sent to Jan’s physiotherapy services in the hospital for training that might help.  After several months it still did not help. He walked with 2 crutches and could not put weight on his foot.

      He still had to leave his bed four times each night because of unbearable pain.  At that time his leg, he said, would feel ‘cold and stiff like a clump’.

      In working with Hans, Jan found that the most helpful thing he could do was to allow Hans to talk about his situation. The theory was that if he was allowed to talk long enough he would eventually make up his mind to have the amputation.


When everything changed…

      However, 6 months before this account, everything changed.  Jan heard about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)  and signed up for Gary’s newsletters. One contained an account from Rebecca Marina about the successful use of EFT in cases of blood clumping.

      (‘Blood clumping’ is an unhealthy platelets state which medical dictionaries list as precursors to serious disease.)


      Jan decided to try EFT with Hans — with misgivings, because he described Hans as ‘a real straight car mechanic’.  When Jan proposed Hans do this strange thing he’d never heard of, Hans had initial resistance, but by now trusted Jan and said he would try anything

     After a short explanation of EFT which Hans didn’t understand, EFT newbie Jan led him through a session:

‘Even though my leg is painful and cold as ice…’

‘Even though my blood vessels don’t transport enough oxygen to my left foot…’

‘Even though my remaining blood vessels are in a bad condition, I want them to repair and bring life to my left foot…’ etc.

      Directly after the treatment Hans felt less stiffness in his left foot.  This was enough to give him confidence in the technique.  Jan set him some regular tapping homework.

      Two days later, the cramps and stiffness had started to ease. 

      With continued dedicated tapping with Jan and by himself augmenting his fitness routine, after several weeks Hans could bear some weight on the foot and was sleeping through the night.        

      The exercise now made possible was building up the leg muscle wasted condition that made his leg look like a thin stick.

      Six months after the start of adding EFT, Hans was ‘only using his crutches when he walks a long distance’. He is able to work in his garden.  He even plays a little football.  His surgeon is astonished.  (Jan did not tell the surgeon about his use of EFT, because ‘he is a real man of science’ and might disapprove.)

      While full recovery may not be possible for Hans’ body, he still has his left leg.



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