A newcomer attending one of my Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) classes did her homework —  and dissolved the neck pain she’d suffered from for nearly three decades.

Laraine learned in one class the basics of how EFT deals with physical pain.

She explained, ‘I started wondering if my neck pain and stiffness were connected with two car accidents, one 25 years ago, and one 30 years ago.  I usually get relief by going to my chiropractor.

‘So the next day  I spent a couple of hours at home tapping about this, using a particular technique to tap on the emotions I still had from both those accidents.  There was fear, shock, and some anger at the person who had driven into the back of my car.  Then I tested and tested.

My neck pain disappeared!  So I cancelled that day’s chiropractic appointment.  I’m so happy!

‘And I understand that if the pain came back, I’d need to do more of that sort of thing.’

At the following class she was still pain-free.  And she showed us how she could now turn her head from side to side normally, for the first time in decades.  ‘I’m so grateful for EFT, and it’s a privilege to be in your class,’ she said.

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‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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