‘More than any traditional or alternative method I have used or researched, EFT has the most potential to literally work magic,’ says U.S. medico Dr. Joseph Mercola.  He conducts the world’s No.#1 natural health website, and he is speaking of the acupressure-and-mindfulness stress relief technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping).

‘Clinical trials have shown,’ he continues, ‘that EFT is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress.

‘Once the distress is reduced or removed, the body can often rebalance itself, and accelerate healing.’

Dr. Mercola teaches basic EFT to patients in his Chicago medical clinical practice and online.

How EFT works

Dr. Mercola:

‘EFT is a form of psychological acupressure based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over 4,000 years, but without the invasiveness of needles.

‘Instead, simple tapping with the fingertips is used to transfer kinetic energy on to specific meridians… while you think  about your specific problem – whether it is a traumatic event, an addiction, pain, anxiety, etc. – and add focussed statements.

‘This combination of tapping the energy meridians and voicing focussed words  clears the ‘short circuit’ – the emotional block – from your body’s bioenergy system, thus restoring your mind and body’s balance, which is essential for optimal health and the healing of physical disease.

‘Some people are initially wary of these principles that EFT is based on. The electro-magnetic energy that flows through the body and regulates our health is only recently becoming recognized in the West.

‘Other people are initially taken aback by (and sometimes amused by) the EFT tapping and affirmation methodology.

‘Yet results speak for themselves.’

EFT tapping serves mind, body and emotions

Many aches and pains are rooted in brain processes that can be proven to be affected by your mental attitude and emotions.

While the mechanics of these mind-body links are still being unravelled, what is known is that your brain – and consequently your thoughts and emotions – do play a role in your experience of physical pain.

Dr. Mercola affirms, ‘You can use EFT to relieve your physical pain and depression, although self treatment for serious issues is not recommended. It typically takes years of training to develop the skill to tap on deep-seated significant issues.

‘The beauty of it is that EFT can reprogram your body’s reactions to the unavoidable stressors of everyday life.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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