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Want to eliminate a craving? Chocolate? Cakes? Sweets?  Coke?  An EFT trainee with a 4-litre-a-day Coke habit did just that, in 3 minutes, at an EFT Certificate Level 1 training weekend.  

She did this through just 3 minutes of focussed tapping on herself while she said a few focussed words.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping)  is a powerful acupressure-and-mindfulness stress release system that’s fast gaining popularity around the world.

This is a unique way to lose a craving — no willpower, no struggle, no pain.   Just learn how to tap for it, via one of the simple techniques taught in EFT.

The trainee did the Eliminating Cravings tapping process on the first day of my training workshop.  At home that night she  wasn’t interested in having a Coke, and next day back at the course she still wasn’t interested in Coke. Her friends couldn’t believe it.

 The effects of this process may last weeks or months.

As that was months ago, I don’t know if she’s back on Coke again.  But I do know that her need to crave it is now entirely in her own hands.  She can drink it to excess, or not, as she wishes, because she knows what to do if the craving returns.

No willpower needed – and a fast change

EFT tapping enables a craving to melt away in a few minutes.  The craver simply loses interest in the craved food — or habit.

This is the only process among EFT’s 48 processes that is temporary.  So when it runs out (if the craving comes back), you have a choice.  You can either continue eating or drinking your favorite, or you can spend another 3 minutes tapping through the process for a further craving-free period.

The Eliminating Cravings process is not only for food, although people often thank it for losing their cravings for chocolate or chips or cake.

The only criterion is that you must truly want to give up the craving, at least for now.

Other EFT tapping techniques

That is just one of a multitude of applications of EFT tapping to reducing stresses of all kinds, for emotional, attitudinal, or physical problems, ranging from neutralising PTSD to calming a distressed baby (or even a pet) — and way beyond.

More than 100 scientific studies support EFT’s results.



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