You can learn to easily tap it away, with the acupressure-and-mindfulness technique Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)! 

You could also free yourself up on important issues such as money and romance — possibly within minutes.

Victim of a business scam

A client of mine, Jenny,  lived in a small town.  She was the victim of a business scam, and lost tens of thousands of dollars.  This meant that one of her creditors was a local man she had known all her life, had socialised with, knew his family.

But now, she could not face this person or his family members.  Her embarrassment was excruciating.  Even at the thought of him and the debt, her body would flood with heat, her head would go down and her shoulders up, she would rush to divert her thoughts with some happier topic. The embarrassment seemed too big for her even to begin to deal with.  And it continued.

Jenny stopped going to social functions where she expected to see him or his family members.  She would cross the street or hide in her car to avoid meeting them.  As her embarrassment fed on this behaviour, it turned into shame.

As time went on, her financial situation improved only slowly, and her self-confidence continued to sink.  One day she was galvanised with fear when she received a business offer from him.  He said that if she would run a specialised program for his employees, in payment he would cancel portion of the debt.

A miraculous move?  Not a bit of it.  Jenny found his offer simply too embarrassing to consider.  She pictured that as she carried out the program, not only he but all his employees – her temporary students — would know of her debt.  She could not face it.

Dissolving the shame

However — she is starting to learn how to apply Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping). And her shame and embarrassment are starting to melt away. This is happening via a couple of EFT practitioner sessions, followed by Jenny applying tapping herself whenever she thinks of the problem.

It’s easy to say, ‘Come on, love, get yourself together,’ — when you are not the one trapped in extreme embarrassment,  when you are not the one frequently wishing the Earth would open up and swallow you.

• Do you remember that agonising time at school when you made a stupid mistake in front of the whole class?
• Do you remember the hot shame you felt after you’d clawed up the courage to ask that special person out, and s/he told friends and they all laughed at you?
• Do you remember the embarrassment of having to appear in public when your teenage face was erupting with pimples?

As a consequence of what happened then, if you think about it, you will probably find that you too now avoid situations that would benefit you, yet are somehow similar to those earlier terrible events. This means that embarrassment – which you can still feel when you remember – has been getting in your way ever since the event/s.

You don’t need to continue with this.

Many of us are prisoners of our personal history, when in these days of new behavioural technologies called energy therapy — EFT is a leader — we don’t need to be.

Here’s great news!  You can easily learn to tap embarrassment out of your system, so that it becomes a memory as harmless as yesterday’s breakfast.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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