Emotion & Trauma

While there is no guarantee of improvement, EFT usually works reliably if it is done thoroughly. Countless people report relief from fears and phobias such as fear of public speaking or of flying, relationship problems, illness stress, anger, anxiety and depression, grief, as well as improvement in reading difficulties, business and sports performance, and more… including helping troubled pets. Complex problems take persistence.

Other topics EFT has helped with include bereavement stress, the clutter habit, procrastination, difficult family dynamics, nightmares, fears, phobias, cravings, negative thinking, poor self esteem, forgiveness, fears of failure, fears of success.

Changing beliefs

EFT experience demonstrates that as you quickly lose stress from an issue, you find yourself changing your mind for the better. When a specific stress has dissolved, you will spontaneously have a more constructive point of view: a cognitive shift. You can also change a negative belief on purpose – to enjoy better results from a better belief…

Read the testimonials of clients who have experienced emotional relief Phobias
Childhood trauma event   ‘ Thank you for today’s session, it has made such  a huge difference, I can hardly believe the transformation.  I actually feel lighter (nothing to do with weight).  I can see the little girl (me, in my mind) happy and relaxed now, instead of feeling the dread I used to feel when I thought about the incident.’    Christine Martin, accountant

Depression “I am so in love with EFT! The phone session worked  fabulously on feeling so depressed!” Dawn Ealey, metaphysical counsellor

Anxiety “For no apparent reason, my anxiety levels were out of control. Trivial situations such as misplacing car keys sent me into a state of hysteria and paranoia, for example thinking someone had found my keys and was going to break into my house, steal my car, etc. In one session with Annie we used Matrix Reimprinting to clear the stress of a childhood event, when I’d been afraid going down a huge slippery dip. Immediately my appetite came back, the “adrenalin shakes” stopped, and I’ve had no anxiety since, even when I culdn’t find my car in a car park. Thank you for bringing inner calm to my life!”  Alissa Longford, communications manager

“I was so stressed by what was happening in my life, I was in a really bad state. That one EFT session – how good it was! It helped enormously.” Lola Lidcombe, teacher

“My partner died nearly five years ago now, and I’ve been grieving all that time. At last, I have come out of the grief tunnel Christmas has been particularly difficult – a time when grief intensifies – but this year after using EFT with Annie, that was no longer the case.” Meredith Norman, astrologer

Relationship hurt “Since I’ve done some tapping about that relationship I don’t feel hurt any more, in fact I can see the funny side of it.” Sheryl Notting, nurse

Self-help in crisis “I am beyond grateful, every day I tap down the panic.” Alice Barker, in disability

Panic eased “Since our last session I am feeling lighter, I feel a space where there used to be weight and pressure. The kids are easier to get along with, my house is more tidy, I am not so tired at the end of a day. I feel like a layer of fog has been cleaned off. Thank you so much for your help.” Lucy Johnson, journalist

Life changes ”Since being referred to you my life has changed in so many ways. You have given me something extremely valuable that will always be with me. I have been tapping intermittently and always find a revelation soon follows.’ Sarah Fox, teacher  

New job nerves ”I was nervous on my first day in Court as a magistrate’s clerk, particularly because when I’m anxious I tend to stutter, and I had to speak out to the Court. I went off by myself ten minutes before Court started and tapped away the anxiety. For the rest of the day I was calm and confident. EFT is great.” Mary Weildon, magistrate’s clerk

Communication anxiety ”After the EFT sessions I find it easier to look people in the eye now. And I find it easier to talk to people.” Ann Clark, nursing aide    

Alcohol addiction  ‘Through my sessions I’ve come further than I believed possible.  I know the work is not finished, but I haven’t had any alcohol for 16 days and at the moment I have such a feeling of freedom. ‘  Fay Brenton, housewife

Anger management “Since we did that tapping session on anger, it’s been fabulous. I’ve carried a warm glow for months. And I have a lot less anger at work, I don’t buy into people’s stuff.” Terry Gifford, electrician.   

Bereavement “After my mother passed away I found that I was not able to do EFT because of the intensity of the grief, guilt and other emotions that I experienced. By the time my first session finished, Annie had guided me gently and with great care through the issues that I had been unable to face on my own, and the effects were lasting.” Kankana McPherson, retired

Anxiety ”From where I was to where I am now is quite astonishing. I can often get my anxiety right down now by tapping myself.’ (This 80-year-old continued to use EFT to neutralize subtle but deep-seated effects of experiencing, as a child in World War 2, more than one hundred bombing raids.) Wilma Schmidt, retired

Low confidence “Going to your Country Retreat for Women was a turning point for me. I’ve regained some of my lost confidence and motivation, I am happier and I laugh more.”

Confusion “I am really together and in control! My organisation ‘issue’ is not an issue at all, I find myself going through all my paperwork and stuff to do on a regular basis! I think it’s permanent. My mental outlook was completely different.”  Joanna Christie, medical assistant

Clutter “I have been having a fantastic time since the session spending quite a lot of each day enjoying clearing spaces and places, I love doing it. I feel much more free. Thank you so much.” (One month later) “I’ve been so involved (joyfully) with the continuing de-cluttering and am even clearing out the shed!” Donna N. Edmonds, community service facilitator 

Insomnia  ‘I am no longer frightened to go to sleep!  Yay!  Since our session I sleep uninterrupted.  Most importantly though, my muscles relax, I am not sleeping with a tight fist or jaw.’  Wendy Scdhmidt, schoolteacher.

Traumatic childhood “For the first time in my life I feel very different, with a deep sense of peace and acceptance that my life is OK. I have had many realisations about why my life has been difficult, but accept them now as gifts because it has made me stronger.” Richard Lech, driving lecturer

Children “EFT has been a gentle but powerful tool that I use as often as I can. I use it with my 10 year old son, and have been really pleased with the results he has also achieved over time.” Anita Earl, homemaker

Children “I visualised tapping on my granddaughter the other night who had croup, we all slept well with no coughing from her. My other granddaughter, who is eight, still approaches me to spend quite some time with her to tap, she is often anxious or angry.” Rilla Hearst, nurse

Money issues “I realised I needed some help in getting to deeper issues that were hiding from me. That was when Annie came into my life with EFT telephone sessions. Wow! In a few short months my husband (who has now also started tapping) have turned our finances around and are heading in a completely different direction!” Anita Earl, homemaker.

Money issues “Thank you so much for your EFT financial freedom workshop that I attended last year. The EFT has helped me greatly. Thanks for all the great work and love you bring to the planet.”Cameron Riordan, office worker

Forgiveness “I can’t believe how happy I am, after only one session! I’m now able to understand and forgive my Dad after sixty years. It was so profound, the impact I felt about my Dad, may he rest in peace.” Helen Taylor, homemaker

Energy boost “Thank you again for the session. I walked away feeling electric. Now my partner has shown interest and so has my best friend.” Nina Brady, exporter

Fatigue “I’m a nurse. I was scheduled for two nights of night duty, but I was tired, I didn’t want to do it. On the way to work I tapped in my car. The result was, I felt good both nights!” Chris Hooper, nurse

Swearing habit ”I tapped for my very bad swearing habit – there are lots of things to make me swear at work, and this nasty habit has diminished greatly. I am very pleased to report!” Fran Sorensen, manager

Overeating “Clearing my fear and confusion has had a knock-on effect on my eating too — I haven’t had to address it, it sorted itself out!” Joanna Christie, medical assistant

Attitude to food “After our session I am amazed every day that my whole attitude towards food has changed. I didn’t realise just how much I was hanging on to, from past trauma, thinking I had already dealt with the situations.” Lori Duffield, community service worker

Confidence, Insomnia ”I usually keep to myself, but since that session, I’ve been out with friends for lunch, thinking, ‘What’s happening to me?’ But the best thing is, I can’t believe that after many years of waking each night at 2am,  I’m now waking up at seven every morning. I’ve been to doctors and therapists for years and never had results like this.”Helen Taylor, homemaker

Driving anxiety “I’d like to inform you that EFT is working  I had to drive a few times now in the night, in rain, with the car full of people, all conditions I normally feel very uncomfortable with and get anxious about. But not any more. Thanks to your help. You have opened so many doors for me. I will definitely keep on doing EFT.” Jill Gordon, homemaker

Multiple Personalities “I have worked with Annie O’Grady for more than a year now. We meet long distance once a week using Skype to hold our sessions. I have a dissociative disorder (aka multiple personality disorder), fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), and a host of social, physical, financial and other emotional issues that have usually been suppressed and that have kept me overwhelmed all of my life.

‘Tapping with Annie using, for example, the EFT Movie Technique, has enabled me to re-live, work through and neutralize some of the childhood traumas that lay at the root of much of my distress. Amnesia tends to accompany dissociative disorders and working with Annie once a week helps me to be consistent and to remember how to effectively annul flashbacks and panic attacks. I am confident that the road to complete healing is well underway and I endorse Tapping as a viable healing method and Annie as a guide. She always amazes me with her knowledge and insight of healing methods and her understanding of my many challenges. Now, when old painful emotional and physical memories resurface, I start using the Tapping lessons I worked through with Annie in our sessions.

‘I can honestly say, with tremendous relief, that these days I usually stay underwhelmed. Thanks Annie for your guidance and thanks to all those who help others around the world using EFT.”  Alesia Barbour, Georgia, USA.


EFT is also excellent for clients who are affected by phobias.
Driving phobia: released

Read the testimonials of clients who have experienced relief of phobias
Needle phobia “This morning I had a fantastic result in giving the blood I need to give regularly, for testing. For years I’ve dreaded the needle because the nurses have had such difficulty finding veins. After I tapped in preparation, today a nurse found a vein quickly, and she easily got seven vials of blood. Extraordinary! Now I’m tapping to minimize bruising.” Dawn Ealey, metaphysical counsellor.

Terror of lifts  “Lifts made me panic so much that I had to stop going in them. I was working in a building on the first floor when I was told I would have to move up to the seventh floor. I was afraid I’d have to leave the job. Well, I was able to stay in the job. After those two sessions I’ve been travelling up and down in lifts every day for a year, it’s no problem.” Audrey Barton, nutritionist

Heights phobia  ”I am so impressed with EFT! After the session on my heights phobia, I now have no trouble going up stairs! I’ve just come back from overseas, I managed to live my dream, to go up the Eiffel Tower. I couldn’t have done that before.” Joy Brandt, homemaker

Another heights phobia   ‘I’ve had a fear of heights most of my life and it seemed to worsen in the last few years to the extent that I couldn’t approach a window in a high rise building (even 2 storeys) or cross a bridge, or climb a ladder to get leaves out of a gutter, without high anxiety.  I had a session with Annie with fabulous results.  After discussing the issue, we quickly accessed a past lifetime where I was thrown off a cliff by my tribe because I could not protect the tribe from an assault by a warring group.  There were many aspects, including approaching the cliff edge, and the actual act of being pushed over the edge.  Since the session I have no fear of approaching the edge of buildings (within safe limits, of course) or driving over bridges.  In fact, I now have a curiosity to see what’s over the edge, which is fun!  Thank you, Annie!’  Richard Lech, driver education trainer

Public speaking “Annie, your work is wonderful! Annie quickly identified some past traumas which were holding me back from expressing myself, and in my session she proceeded with EFT to quickly help me to overcome my blocks.  I was so excited. Now I enjoy my public speaking, and it is so much better. EFT is  such a big part of my life, thank you.” Sean Dinham, seminar presenter

Claustrophobia “While in Turkey I had to visit an underground city. It involved going into quite a claustrophobic environment 65 metres underground and tunnels. I nearly didn’t go down there, but I thought it was a good opportunity to test our work on clearing all those birth tunnel issues! I didn’t freak out like I ordinarily would have, and we explored several layers underground, and were down there for about 45 minutes. Thanks!’  Alice Latham, tourist

Reading phobia During an EFT session for dyslexia a man explained some of his reading difficulty: “I get each word’s meaning, and then it’s gone.” EFT tapping then neutralised his still humiliating memory of an incident in his schooldays where he was beaten for failing. Asked again to read the paragraph, he did. He said afterwards, “I just zoomed in and read it! And I understood it!” Donald Pearce, bricklayer

Trauma Clearing

EFT is fast becoming a leading-edge technique with healthcare practitioners for safe and fast trauma clearing. Its techniques clear old traumas gently, cleanly and thoroughly in one or two sessions, sometimes less. (Thousands of U.S. war veterans suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder have now experienced prolonged relief through EFT application, although PTSD has no official cure.)

Holdup trauma, PTSD, Domestic Violence.
Holdup trauma: even the worst events can be cleared

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