Clearing out unhappy emotions, without drugs, used to be a long and heavy task.  ‘Cheer up!’ people would say, and ‘Get over it!’ – but how to do this?  How can you improve your emotional health?  Traditional therapy over years?

Not necessarily — because now there’s an amazingly faster and easier way to release those toxic emotions.

Modern research shows that your emotional health is vital to both enjoying life and to staying physically healthy.

Self help for emotional stress

The new energy health therapy EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) puts a solution at our fingertips.  This is an easy-to-learn self help method combining fingertapping on key acupressure points on your body with specific intention. EFT is viewed as a leader in the new ‘fourth wave’ of psychotherapy, which is briefer methods that involve the body

No matter how long you’ve felt unhappy, or how intense your suffering is,  thousands of documented successful cases indicate that probably EFT can help, and quickly, when it is properly applied.

Thanks to ancient Chinese knowledge of the human meridian energy system (e.g. a basis of acupuncture, Qui Gong, Chinese medicine etc.), plus impressive new neurocience research,  EFT is rapidly gaining popularity around the world.  More than 100 scientific studies conducted in 10 countries support its efficacy.

Hard to believe

This new method is often so effective and so spirit-enriching that it can be hard to believe, even when you experience it, as a woman called Helen  found through an EFT consultation with me.

She said, ‘I can’t believe I’m so happy after one session.’

Unlike talk therapy, using EFT for your emotional health also helps your body to release hidden stresses that have been weighing you down, and possibly contributing to ill health.  A common remark I hear after guiding people to try EFT is, ‘I feel lighter.’

Medico adopts EFT

Dr. Gabrielle Rutten is an Amsterdam medical doctor who has exchanged her medical practice for a full-time practice of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping), the remarkable acupressure stress release technique.

She says, ‘Very few people clean out their emotional cupboards, generally speaking.’  Emotional cupboard?  Do we store emotional stress?  How does that connect with the stress you’re under today?

Dr. Rutten continued, in her radio interview with Gary Williams on EFT Hub i:  ‘Everybody knows that at least 80% of complaints people take to doctors are emotional, stress-related.  EFT is a perfect self-help method.  It’s my ambition to teach EFT to as many people as possible.

‘As soon as people feel how their body relaxes it makes sense, and they can do (EFT) themselves.  I get a lot of clients with very serious illnesses.  I can honestly say, almost always we find traumatic emotional issues.  People feel comfortable because I am a medical doctor and I can explain a lot.

‘However, any good EFT practitioner’ (who is not a doctor) ‘can help quite a bit.’

Are you draining your happiness away?

Fears, anxieties, anger, sadness, regret, confusion and other uncomfortable emotions can stay around far too long.  They not only drain happiness, they seriously weaken the immune system.

And relief through tapping is often fast, although complex problems typically require some persistence with the technique.

Qualified EFT practitioners are always ready to help, in person, or by phone or Skype/Zoom.

Plus, an innovative adaptation of EFT, called Matrix Reimprinting, can add to your transformative energy experience.

EFT group session bonus 

An unusual feature of EFT group sessions is that all attendees can tap on their own private issues throughout the program.

Feedback reveals that, typically, most attendees permanently lower their stress levels on some personal problems without disclosing anything about those problems.

You could try EFT for yourself right away.  Even beginners often reach 50% success, and higher.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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